AXEM Technology’s CEO, Philippe MONDON, is once again interviewed for an issue in the French magazine Entretien Textile dedicated to traceability in the laundry industry!


Why did you go to the laundry business?

Contrary to what we think, industrial laundry requires advanced and resistant RFID tags. Tags have to be resistant to high temperatures, chemical detergents, pressure, resistant to these constraints and even twisted, they continue to deliver identification information.

Recently, a laundry company asked us for Gamma rays-resistant tags, which we were able to custom for them!” “We are RFID specialists and we have the ability to provide very specific and cost effective answers to the needs of laundries….”


Are RFID tags really relevant for tagging residents’ laundry?

One of the limitations for marking is the size and discomfort that a tag can provide on garment in direct contact with the skin. However, the ones we have designed are very flexibles, thins, of very small size (35 mm x 11 mm), and can be insert into a hem or heatsealed. They can easily be placed on personal laundry without creating any discomfort to the wearer.”


What reading tools do you offer?

We have fixed or mobile readers that can meet different purposes. The mobile readers are relevant for quick inventory in a resident closet, for example. The advantage of the RFID and UHF tags is to be able to make an inventory of a hundred items in less than a second in a closed bag and without having to handle dirty laundry. An asset in times of health crisis!”

To find out more about RFID products, identifiers and readers adapted to the laundry sector, go here!

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