Founded in January 2017, Apinfor brings real solutions to professionals in the wood industry allowing them to take the digital turn, by developing mobile applications to optimize their business.
Looking for a rugged PDA to answer the requirements in this field, the company asks for AXEM Technology expertise.

Offer the digital opportunities to the wood industry

AP-06_Application_filiere_bois_Apinfor_Apinfor team has a double culture: wood field and the digital. Those experts from the field are well aware of the difficulties faced by the wood businesses, which are mostly craft companies, making the industry alive.
Very involved in the environment preservation, this sector was recognized in 2014 as the 14th French industrial sector. Today, this dynamic field has many challenges to overcome.

And to develop its competitiveness, it focuses on innovation.

Apinfor company has developed innovative mobile applications for professionals, whether in cutting, mechanical processing, transportation and/or in sales. Destined to make them improve efficiency and traceability. In fact before, professionals were writing down data on a paper, and then they had to enter it in the database when returned from the field. The handwriting was a source of error, and this double task was a big waste of time.

With Cub’Infor, the first application for timber measurement, and Estim’infor, the first application for standing timber, information is transmitted in real time to the company server.

Find the appropriate mobile terminal

AP-06_Application_filiere_bois_ApinforAXEM Technology perfectly knows each of its products and their compatibility with an application or another. After a precise analyze of Apinfor requirements and the user experience, the AP-06 PDA appeared to be the perfect fit.


To be used outside, the PDA needs to be rugged. It will endures cold temperatures, dust, falls, rains… The AP-06 has an IP-67 protection grade, meaning that it is fully protected against dust and water. Plus, it answers the strict military standards MIL-STD-810G.


Apinfor applications are developed to be easily used, that is why they asked for AXEM Technology products, designed and selected to be powerful and ergonomics. The AP-06 answer this requirement of an intuitive use, under an Android or Windows operative system. And even with a 6 inches large screen offering a great reading comfort, it still fits in a pocket; and it is far from a detail for professionals in the wood industry switching between data entry and manipulations, it is essential.

Data entry

The AP-06 answers all features expected by Apinfor: a scanner to read barcodes on trunks or trees, a camera, 3G, 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth connections to transmit data, but also a GPS to locate sites.

The field first

Wood industry actors’ work is harsh: technology must simplify their tasks without adding a difficulty. The objective is efficiency on field.

The AP-06 has been tested in conditions by Apinfor and has been gladly adopted by users.

With Apinfor applications and AXEM Technology mobiles devices, the wood industry wins in both mobility and efficiency.

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