partenariat Rodinbell

AXEM Technology is pleased to announce the reinforcement of its products offer, setting up an exclusive partnership with the rising manufacturer RodinBell, specialized in industrial RFID reading equipment.

This collaboration between the companies is based on two main axes. The first one is an exclusive distribution agreement of RodinBell products by AXEM Technology: industrial readers and antennas, OEM modules, PDA and desktop readers. And the second one is the development of AXEM Technology products by RodinBell.

Work together

With common values and objectives, strong links have been forged between both companies with a long term vision.

Far beyond a simple business partnership, all AXEM Technology services are thus in collaboration with their fellow members of RodinBell for a cooperation on all grounds.

For RodinBell, this approach fits in an expansion plan on a strategic territory. It will then take advantages of AXEM Technology legitimacy on the market, but also from direct returns about the field requirements. And AXEM Technology will benefit in return from the professionalism and the great quality of RodinBell products.

A clear partnership

AXEM Technology is a main actor in the RFID and Mobility associated to RFID fields since almost 15 years, specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of a complete range of RFID identifiers and readers, as well as rugged mobile terminals with a requirement of quality and services.

This is why it seemed obvious to the company to work with the most innovating manufacturer in terms of fixed and mobile RFID reading system. A real synergy between the two companies occurred really fast through a common will to support the professionals in their RFID projects. And this, with innovating and powerful products even in demanding environments.

Founded in 2010, RodinBell is indeed an emergent company with a high potential. Always at the forefront of innovation, it develops its products by combining art and science. The company is attached to the research, development and innovation integrity, and its R&D team is composed by a group of experts with more than 20 years experience from microwave communications, embedded operating systems, application development and industrial design fields.

Powerful and always with a strong added value, products put on the market integrate only components with steady performance for a high reliability, all under an exquisite appearance.

So far, RodinBell products have been widely used in logistics, retail, transportation, security, but also in education, entertainment industry…

RodinBell is in constant search for improvement of what it conceives but also of its services to propose the best products of the latest technology.

Philippe Mondon PDGThis partnership between AXEM Technology and RodinBell is a great opportunity for both companies because it fits in a common strategy of development. By pooling our expertise and experiences together, we want to boost the RFID reading offer and propose our customers a complete products range of the latest generation.

Philippe MONDON, CEO

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