In recent years, RFID technology has been booming in the laundry sector. It enables the identification and maximum traceability of flat linen and workwear throughout the process.

The President and CEO of AXEM Technology, Mr. Philippe MONDON talks on this subject during an interview conducted by the magazine Entretien Textile, for the first issue of the year 2020.

“The quality of the tag and the robustness of the readers are non-negotiable points for the optimal use of RFID in laundry”.

“For more than fifteen years, AXEM Technology has been well known supplier in RFID and mobility.

We are present in the field of industrial laundry, notably at one of the world references in the sector. This sector is turning more and more towards marking with UHF chips, a technology that makes it possible to make a pre-screened inventory of a laundry bag containing several hundred items, in one second, without opening it.

However, in order to achieve a good result, two points are, in my opinion, non-negotiable:

  • The quality of the tag
  • And the robustness of the readers

Laundry tags are mistreated. They are confronted with situations that can be considered extreme. They must be resistant to:

  • Heat (up to more than 200°C)
  • Crushing if the article goes to press
  • Detergents
  • Repeated folding

In addition, some professional textiles may be subject to other constraints such as gamme rays in the medical or nuclear sector.

Similarly, mobile readers, which are becoming more and more popular, must be able to withstand the atmosphere of a laundry (humidity, heat, possible fall, etc.).

It is with these constraints in mind that we have created our tags and readers, rugged mobile terminals designed for tough industrial applications.

Even after 200 or 300 washes, our tags can be read without loss of information! »

For more information, visit our tags and readers pages adapted to the laundry sector.

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