Founded in 2018, the AXEM Lab is AXEM Technology’s RFID laboratory in which customized products (tags, labels, antennas, readers, etc…) are designed. These prototypes are designed and manufactured in limited series in our AXEM Lab for larger scale production in the factory, once they have been validated. The laboratory includes EM simulation software for the design, machines to manufacture customized products as well as instruments for measuring products performances in an anechoic chamber.

In the RFID laboratory, research has been conducted to propose a compact tag antenna for metallic object applications. The tag measures 10 x 10 x 2.07 mm (0.03λ × 0.03λ × 0.006λ). Its antenna is made of a loop structure on FR4 substrate and the chip is attached on the side of the tag. When fixed on a metallic object, the tag can be read up to 21 cm with EIRP power of 1.64W.

The results of this research were published in the scientific journal Microwave and Optical Technology Letters. Co-authored by Essia Ben Abdallah, PhD in Optical and Radiofrequencies, Arnaud Carle, CTO and COO at AXEM Technology, and Philippe Mondon, CEO of the company, the published article focuses on the analysis, design and performance of this ultra-small antenna.



Figure 1: The final tag antenna design: (a) 3D view, (b) Top view (c) Bottom view, (d) Side view.


For more information, see the article.

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