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In order to guarantee products compliant with the ATA SPEC 2000 standard and to provide assistance on the topic of contactless identification with RFID, AXEM Technology has joined the “ATA (Air Transport Association) e-Business Program” working group in September 2019. 

A little background

ATA SPEC 2000 is an international standard created by the Air Transport Association (ATA), to promote and optimize the exchanges and sharing of information within the aeronautics industry. Its objective is simple: to provide common structure, method and rules for writing, storing and reading-data for all actors in the aeronautics Supply Chain.

ATA e-Business Program

This working group facilitates communication and exchange of information throughout the aviation sector.

By integrating this program, AXEM Technology participates in creating value for the aviation sector by establishing and adopting specific standards. The company’s representatives also get the opportunity to openly talk on the innovations and digital transformations of now and the future, with all the players in the sector.

Furthermore, always with the aim of being more active on the subject, AXEM Technology is part of the RFID Working Group (RFWG).

RFID for the aeronautics industry

As RFID is a means of identifying equipment thanks to a chip (or RFID tags), which enables remote data storage and extraction, it is therefore necessary to have products conform to the ATA SPEC 2000 specification.

To date, AXEM Technology offers a range of UHF tags and RFID readers dedicated to applications specific to this sector of activity and therefore compliant with the ATA SPEC 2000 standard.

To find out more and discover how AXEM Technology can help you in your choice of the right RFID equipment for your application, please contact us!

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