Come and meet AXEM Technology on October 18th and 19th 2017, at « Forum Entreprises Défense » (FED) in Versailles Satory at booth G3.

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« Forum Entreprises Défense », an unavoidable place for the military maintenance actors.

logo_FEDThe “Forum Entreprises Défense” is the unavoidable French event gathering defense buyers and their suppliers invested in the maintaining of terrestrial equipment operational condition. This event allows to deepen knowledge on the political orientations of the transformation plan and discover new technologies. We thus find the diversified sectors of terrestrial equipment operational maintenance but also logistics, identification, traceability, mobility, IT, telecommunications… which play an essential role in the army’s operational conditions.

This 15th edition is organized by SIMMT (Maintaining of Terrestrial Equipment Operational Condition Integrated Structure), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Ile-de-France, but also with GICAT (Group of the French land and air-land Defense and Security Manufacturers).

Exceptional meetings and opportunities

15eme-edition-furom-entreprise-defenseIn an intense operational context for land forces, armies have current and future strong needs representing a major investment for the next 10 years. The human-sized format of this biennial event will thus allow the companies to anticipate future needs and to show adaptability in terms of research and innovation.

It is in this context and to reinforce mutual knowledge and understanding that AXEM Technology, French supplier of RFID and rugged mobile terminals, will present you his products and his know how.

Our Headlights products

AT-07 Version 2

Rugged tabletThe AT-07 V2 rugged tablet available soon, with 7″ screen and running Android 5.1, features an 8 core 1.5GHz processor. With high-performance, the power of this tablet will surprise you with its long-range UHF reader which allows an instant and complete reading of a large number of tags.

Available with several options: RFID LF, HF / NFC, UHF, 1D / 2D barcode scanner, Ublox high precision GPS, fingerprint, and other information acquisition modules.


AT188The AT188N RFID UHF or HF reader combines several functions in one device. Compact, lightweight and robust, it meets the requirements of industrial use.

It unites Ultra High Frequency (UHF) or High Frequency (HF) RFID reading with optional 1D barcode scanning and 2D Flashcode scanning. Equipped with an LCD display, the AT188N communicates with smartphone, tablet, or PC via Bluetooth keyboard emulation (HID).
Can be used with Windows, Android, iOS.


PDA AP-05 UHF RFIDThe ORCA-50 is a PDA equipped with a high-performance UHF RFID reader. It has a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and works under the Android 6.0 operating system.

Available with 4G communication, 1D barcode scanner and 2D Flashcode, the ORCA-50 PDA meets IP64 protection against water and dust and can withstand a 2m drop.


Algiz-8X-rugged-tablet-FrontviewOne of the biggest advantages of the Algiz 8X hardened tablet it’s his Intel® Pentium processor which contains a large memory.

But the Algiz 8X also resists harsh environments and rough handling. In this way, it meets the strict MIL-STD-810G military standards for protection against falls, vibrations, extreme temperatures and altitude variations. And secondly, it has an IP65 protection grade against water and dust to which it responds.


R3043 lecteur RFID UHF AT288The AT288N reader is the most suitable industrial solution for RFID UHF long distance and wireless data acquisition in association with Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets in Windows or Android OS.

The power of its latest UHF RFID reader generation (1W) allows data acquisitions with RFID tags and labels up to 3 meters.
Uses are numerous in the fields of distribution, railway, aeronautics, logistics…

M-2800 UHF

MOD-4_UHF_OEM_Module_4_channelsThe M-2800 UHF 4 channels antennas module can read up to 700 tags / sec and provides up to 33dBm. This module is the perfect device to answer applications such as race timing or equipment and vehicle management, requiring several antennas.

The module offers 2 inventory modes: real-time mode and buffer mode. The real-time mode allows the user to immediately get the data from the tag. The buffer mode improves the efficiency of multi-tag inventory.


TROI TMT3 tag UHF rugged

The UHF TMT-3F IP68 tag is distinguished by its large memory capacity (4K bytes). This tag is ideal for complex environments. It can be mounted on any metal surface by bolting or gluing and can withstand temperatures from -50 ºC to + 200 ºC.

S-8800 UHF 8 channels industrial reader

Box-8_8_channels_uhf_industrial_readerThe S-8800 industrial reader from the emerging manufacturer RodinBell is a high-performance 8-channels UHF controller that meets the requirements for installation and operation in indoor and outdoor environments.

This reader is developed on the basis of the UHF M-2900 RFID reader module. With a reading power of up to 33dbm, this industrial reader can read up to 700 tag / sec.

Technical RFID labels (metal / reinforced / high memory)

RFID labelAXEM Technology offers technical RFID labels specially developed to perform in demanding environments. For example, for high-performance labels on metal, AXEM Technology positions a specific layer between the adhesive and the Inlay, thus avoiding disturbing the HF or UHF RFID in contact with the metal.

We also develop reinforced labels containing a stronger adhesive such as 3M 300LSE. Our labels can withstand repetitive washes or sterilization processes.

Because AXEM Technology employees have complete control of the label manufacturing process, they are able to create labels customized to your needs.

The labels are customizable with flashcodes, logo, text printing, barcode…


Place: Quartier Ingénieur Général JAYAT Versailles Satory -Route des Docks 78013 Versailles Cedex
Hall: 2
Booth: G3






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