Radio-identification, more often referred to as RFID chip technology, offers a multitude of applications in many sectors of activity (such as security, transport, logistics, customer loyalty, etc.). AXEM Technology tells you a little more about this method of remote data storage and retrieval as well as its use !


Waste collection and access to collection centers

Control access to waste collection centers The success of RFID technology in controlling access to waste disposal facilities is well known. It is a real productivity gain: it allows municipalities to control access, waste from everyone and manage the data collected...
RFID and livestock

BF and HF RFID for livestock

RFID technology may well put an end to the mythical barcode identification on cattle’s ears. RFID makes it possible to accurately register, identify and track a breeding farm in a completely autonomous and error-free way. Low frequency (LF) or high frequency (HF)...
armée_ operational maintenance RFID

RFID for operational maintenance

What is operational maintenance? Operational Maintenance is a prevention strategy aimed at ensuring the availability and proper functioning of materials, equipment and infrastructures throughout their life cycle. In other words, it is a matter of checking, maintaining...

RFID and retail: how does it work?

RFID has become in recent years a major strategic asset for all retail sectors, including cosmetics, clothes and food industry, leather goods…. Distributors have found in this technology a way to drastically optimize costs. RFID applications are very various:...

High-performance traceability in laundry thanks to UHF RFID

For several years now traceability in industrial laundry has been ensured by barcode or HF RFID technologies. AXEM Technology offers a complete hardware UHF RFID solution (RFID readers and antennas, mobile RFID terminals and UHF tags) providing even more efficient...