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Date : 26 January 2022

RFID ventures into sensitive areas!

AXEM Technology, manufacturer and RFID expert, offers a range of RFID tags that meet the traceability needs and strong environmental constraints (e.g. humidity, no network connection…) encountered by the actors of the Defense sector.   The AX’Tag Memento range : reliability and robustness !   The AX’Tag Memento range of tags designed and offered by […]

Date : 22 November 2021

RATP tests reloading Navigo passes on the Internet

In order to reduce queues at its ticket offices and ticket machines, RATP is testing a solution that will allow monthly and weekly subscribers to top up their Navigo pass online.

Date : 29 June 2020

UHF RFID in laundries in the health and medico-social sector

UHF RFID, a way to fight against contamination at Covid-19 Health care and medico-social environments such as EHPADs are highly concerned by the risk of contamination with Covid-19. It is therefore necessary to redouble vigilance and put in place foolproof security systems that will reduce contact and contamination. The emergence of this virus has considerably […]

Date : 21 November 2019

Understanding RFID: the memory of an EPC Class1 Gen2 UHF tag

EPC Class1 Gen2 UHF RFID tags can be used to read and embed data into the memory of their chips. However, the composition of the memory of a UHF EPC Class1 Gen2 tag raises several questions: how is the memory of a UHF EPC Class1 Gen2 tag segmented?

Date : 27 August 2019

Waste collection and access to collection centers

The success of RFID technology in controlling access to waste disposal facilities is well known. It is a real productivity gain: it allows municipalities to control access, waste from everyone and manage the data collected using RFID technology. Control access to waste collection centers Choose the RFID solution for access control Traceability of users  Easier […]

Date : 1 August 2019

An ultra-compact antenna for a metal compatible tag within its AXEM Lab

Founded in 2018, the AXEM Lab is AXEM Technology’s RFID laboratory in which customized products (tags, labels, antennas, readers, etc…) are designed. These prototypes are designed and manufactured in limited series in our AXEM Lab for larger scale production in the factory, once they have been validated. The laboratory includes EM simulation software for the […]

Date : 2 July 2019

Loxam, RFID for equipment rental

No. 1 in Europe and No. 5 worldwide, LOXAM is the market leader in the rental of equipment for the construction, industry, green spaces and the tertiary sector. With more than 750 branches in 22 countries, LOXAM offers the first European fleet with more than 300,000 equipment, a real challenge for the tracking of its […]

Date : 6 June 2019

RFID for operational maintenance

What is operational maintenance? Operational Maintenance is a prevention strategy aimed at ensuring the availability and proper functioning of materials, equipment and infrastructures throughout their life cycle. In other words, it is a matter of checking, maintaining or even repairing them. The Operational Maintenance refers to the replacement of defective parts, fault diagnosis, documentation, etc. […]

Date : 2 May 2019

High-performance traceability in laundry thanks to UHF RFID

For several years now traceability in industrial laundry has been ensured by barcode or HF RFID technologies. AXEM Technology offers a complete hardware UHF RFID solution (RFID readers and antennas, mobile RFID terminals and UHF tags) providing even more efficient traceability for laundry tracking thanks to UHF technology. Choosing the UHF RFID solution Time saving: long […]

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