Tips n’Tricks

Aware of the capabilities that RFID technology offers to companies on a daily basis, AXEM Technology answers your various problems and helps you to better understand and understand the development of your projects.


How to choose the right RFID reader antenna?

The RFID reader antenna is used to activate the RFID tags and transmit the information to the reader. It is one of the key elements of RFID identification, but finding the right reader antenna for your needs can be very complex. Here are some basic elements to define...

How to choose the right RFID terminal?

Identification and traceability work in all sectors has become much more easy thanks to RFID technology, but its implementation can be very complex. How to choose the right RFID terminal for your applications? The terminal must be adapted to your activities and...

Which RFID tag for industrial laundry?

The implementation of RFID technology has made it possible to optimize the identification and traceability of flat linen and workwear throughout the laundry process. This is made possible, firstly, by an RFID tag attached to a cloth and integrating information, and...

How to choose an RFID tag ?

Like the RFID reader, the tag is a fundamental element in an RFID solution. AXEM Technology proposes a wide range of LF, HF or UHF tags to meet all your identification and traceability requirements. They all have specific characteristics, because each project is...