On October the 30th and 31st in Darmstadt – Frankfurt will be held RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow exhibition, a unique event dedicated to RFID & Internet of Things innovations.

Come and meet AXEM Technology on October the 30th and 31st on booth 39 !

RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow

RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow is the biggest exhibition for RFID technologies, connected objects and their applications at the European level.

This event brings together more than 70 exhibitors, suppliers and users from all over the world, and nearly 90 speakers.

As in the previous editions, this exhibition will be punctuated by numerous conferences spread over the two days according to 2 themes:


User Day

This day will focus on users’ expectations.
Six topics are scheduled:

  • Retail and Logistics
  • Industrial IoT and Maintenance
  • Logistics, Aviation and Supply Chain
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer IoT and Smart City
  • The new forum on Automotive


Developper Day

During this second day, the conferences will focus on RFID and the Internet of Things innovations.
On the agenda the following forums:

  • The latest advances in research and innovation
  • Technology and hardware
  • System integration and Software
  • AIDC: Standardization, Markets, and Challenges

New for 2018

RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow will be hosted at the famous Darmstadtium

For the first time, the exhibition will be held at the Darmstadtium, the famous science and convention centre of the City of Science, Darmstadt, in Germany. Indeed, this 2018 edition of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow hopes to break the already exceptional record of 2017 with its 800 participants.

New forums including the automotive forum

This 2018 edition offers new forums and in particular the automotive forum on User Day. This forum will focus on the progressive deployment of RFID technology in the automotive sector. It will allow visitors to discover IoT’s opportunities in the digitization and sequencing of manufacturing and components management in the automotive industry.

AXEM Technology, expert in RFID readers and identifiers

AXEM Technology is a supplier of a complete range of RFID readers and identifiers but is also able to design and manufacture unique products for specific projects in order to meet its customers’ expectations. The RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow exhibition is thus an opportunity for AXEM Technology to show its RFID hardware solutions, and in particular:

News products


UnisledAXEM Technology unveils its new product, UniSled, which turns any mobile device with a smartphone shape into a professional data collection device. Indeed, it is particularly innovative because it is suitable for any smartphone running Android or iOS.

Connect your device and UniSled very easily with a Bluetooth connection. UniSled has several features such as UHF RFID reading/writing and 1D/2D barcode reading.

Spider-8000 UHF

Spider-4AXEM Technology showcases the Spider 8000, an industrial reader offering high performances. It allows to connect up to 8 antennas with its 8 channels. In addition, it is resistant and is designed for both indoor and outdoor environment.

Besides, it can read up to 700 tags/sec and has an output power up to 31dBm.

UHF collar tag

Tag-collierDiscover the UHF collar tag in preview during the exhibition, a tag that allows tough and secured fixings. Indeed, you can use the closing and sealing system of this tag from the AXEM Technology UHF Special Closure Tags range to attach and secure them on any support.

Key products

MBA5 series

MBA5-P2X_UHF_AndroidThe MBA5 series, professional mobile terminals, combine multiple features such as NFC and/or UHF RFID read/write modules, 1D/2D scanner or biometric identification (fingerprint and iris and face identification).

The MBA5 series is deployed in 4 product lines and is SOTI MobiControl certified to enable companies to secure, harmonize and facilitate the management of their mobile terminal fleets.

Orca 50-Air

air.57Equipped with a powerful UHF RFID reader, the Orca 50-Air allows a reading distance of up to 20m!

It has a 1.8GHz quad-core processor and runs Android 6.0 operating system.

It is also available with a 1D/2D barcode scanner and with 4G or 3G wireless communication features.

UHF Thermo Lin Laundry tag

Thermo_Lin_Tag_UHF_The Thermo Lin Tag UHF is designed for laundry applications. It allows to identify blindly and simultaneously many units of work clothing such as growns, work uniforms, aprons, professional chasubles, etc.

This tag can be heat-sealed on the textile to guarantee a long-lasting fixing and therefore the effectiveness of traceability.

Aero metal labels range

aero-label-optAXEM Technology offers a range of metal labels that meet the ATA SPEC 2000 standard. Designed for aeronautics, these labels can be fixed to metal surfaces. These powerful labels can be read up to 1.50m away and are available with high memory (up to 8KByte) to meet all identification needs.

UHF metal tags range

Metal-tagsMetal interferes with RFID tags and thus causes a loss of performance and reduces reading distances. This is why AXEM Technology offers you a wide range of RFID HF/NFC and UHF tags compatible with metal.

These tags can be fixed on a metal surface or inserted into the metal. In order to meet all needs, there are tags of several sizes (from 5x5m) and several fixing modes. You can also benefit from our tags with a large reading distance and/or large memory capacities according to your needs.

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