CSR at the core of AXEM Technology strategy

It is by being fully aware of the social and environmental issues that AXEM Technnology has for many years decided to integrate a responsible approach with its collaborators to carry out sustainable actions.


AXEM Technology takes full responsibility for addressing major societal issues. We develop a social responsibility policy based on strong principles: trust, commitment, support and responsibility. Each year, we implement internal and external measures to allow our employees, our customers and all the stakeholders, to evolve in a more harmonious eco-responsible environment.

The commitments of AXEM Technology enabled the company to obtain two awards in the CSR context:

  • The “Companies of Tomorrow” Diploma in 2018
  • The “CSR Entrepreneur” Gold Trophy in 2017
  • The “Youths in Businesses” Trophy in 2016

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Promote sea freight, which generates 13 times less polluting emissions than air freight and road transport
Finance the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment sold on the market in compliance with the WEEE Directive
Use green cleaning products
Buy 90% “green” paper
Have more than 30% of suppliers with a “green” characteristic

société civil

Civil society

Comply with safety standards
Cooperate with local “Second Chance School”
Collaborate with the Val-de-Marne ESAT (Centers helping disable people through work)
Pay supplier invoices in less than 45 days
Provide access to the various services of the company to trainees and working students


Human resources

Promote the equality and non-discrimination
Employ 90% of employees on full-time and permanent contracts
Respect of the male / female parity
Establish profit-sharing agreements
Sensitize and inform all employees on one or more issues related to sustainable development
Conduct an annual evaluation interview for each employee
Gather the employees around a dinner at the end of the year and various convivial and federating actions


The governance

The management commits to:
Reinvest a part of net income in the company
Ensure ethical principles
Attend regular training sessions to increase their skills
Record, track and address customer malfunctions and complaints
Ensure a procedure of business resumption in case of force majeure


It is because AXEM Technology emphasizes human being and the environment at the center of its concerns, that it continues its commitments. Thus, we want to acquire ISO 9001 certification in the coming years.

The ISO 9001 certification provides guarantees in terms of managerial and organizational quality. It is based on strong customer focus, with products and services of good quality, motivation and commitment from the management, process approach and continuous improvement.

AXEM Technology follows a training program, delivered by BPI/Greenflex, on Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility. As a part of this training, a diagnosis is made and the following actions are in progress :

  • Measure the carbon impact generated by the transport of our goods
  • Formalize a Responsible Purchasing Charter to anchor the CSR criteria
  • Set up a customer satisfaction questionnaire by integrating CSR points to collect their needs and expectations and identify collaborative projects
  • Optimize energy consumption in the permises by studying the possibility of moving to Green-IT and integrating more ecological sources
  • Consider the production of renewable energy on site


home-philippeTHE WORD OF THE CEO

The company is an entity that must be open to the outside. It is important to take into account the contingencies of our environment and the well-being of employees to enable the Society to evolve.

The “CSR Entrepreneur” Gold Trophy

The various actions of AXEM Technology enabled the company to win on May 30th 2017, the “CSR
Entrepreneur” Gold Trophy. This award was given to us by the Sustainable Development and CSR Director of the BPI (Public Investment Bank) during an event organized by the Val de Marne CECAP to reward us for our societal, social and environmental commitments.

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