Integrated RFID Laboratory

Integrated RFID Laboratory

Integrated RFID Laboratory

What is the AXEM Lab?

It is our laboratory in which RFID products are designed in limited edition for larger scale production in factories once the prototype has been validated. Indeed, faced with a growing demand for readers and identifiers with specific characteristics, we have chosen to develop our own products. Our RFID engineers are thus able to adapt existing products as well as create customized products (tags, labels, etc…). Thanks to our AXEM Lab, we design and manufacture unique products for specific projects in order to be as close as possible to our customers’ expectations.

We support our customers in the choice and design of their RFID equipment from the definition of their project needs and the validation of the prototype to the launch of factory production. 


“With our RFID AXEM Lab, we are now able to design and create unique products (tags, labels, etc…) as well as to adapt existing products to meet our customers’ expectations. We want to think about RFID in a new way and we are firmly convinced the ‘tags of the future’ that we are developing using our new capacities will be a real technological step forward.”
Philippe Mondon

CEO and founder

Equipment at the cutting edge of RFID technology

Our AXEM Lab has prototype design equipment, test and simulation machines as well as production machines.

Product process-

Our customized products

Thanks to our expertise in RFID antennas, we are able to create unique tags of different thicknesses, with performances adapted to all types of activities…

At the same time, our skills and knowledge also allow us to manage various RFID projects, for example a project combining RF and circuits.

Let’s develop the RFID of the future

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