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World Food Day was held on 16 October. On this occasion, AXEM Technology decided to make its contribution and mobilize in favour of the Fight against Food Waste.

Sad observation

This is not new, the French are wasting far too much. Indeed, to date, 10 million tonnes of food are sent to the garbage every year. In 2013, the public authorities aimed to reduce waste by 50% overall

In this context, ADEME (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Energie) has produced and published the results of an “anti-gaspi” operation on home habits. In four regions of France, several families (250 households) were selected according to their profiles in order to submit for some time to some simple everyday action

The results are breathtaking: 59% less food waste! This great experience seems to show that through small actions, it is possible to reduce waste significantly.

AXEM employees are committed on a daily basis

Every citizen can play an important role in the fight against food waste. In response to this global mobilization, AXEM Technology’s employees share their daily tips with you, so that you can also get involved :

  1. The most beautiful fruits are not necessarily the best ! Give a chance to slightly spotted bananas or biscorn potatoes.
  2. Avoid throwing away food too quickly. Expiry dates are indeed a guarantee of security for merchants, but a certain flexibility makes it possible to avoid waste.
  3. 3. Is your fruit too ripe ? A compote or a smoothie will give it a second life !
  4. Don’t buy too much and inspect your refrigerator regularly.
  5. If you have a freezer, storing your surplus allows you to keep your food for a long time !

These actions are easy to do in our daily lives. Do like AXEM Technology’s employees, commit to responsible food for the benefit of people and the planet

The company strives to achieve all these actions on a daily basis and much more. For many years now, the company has decided to integrate a CSR approach to carry out sustainable actions over the long term.

“We must mobilize collectively and actively to make a difference ! “Philippe MONDON, CEO of AXEM Technology.

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