How can we “work better” together at AXEM Technology?

20 October 2021

AXEM Technology has been integrating the “green” dimension in each of its projects since the beginning of its existence. For the company, it is a question of adopting more responsible and sustainable behavior.

Philippe MONDON, CEO and President of AXEM Technology

“We are proud to have integrated the ecological dimension from one end of our value chain to the other and to make it a reflex that infuses each of us. In our daily lives, we adopt “green” behaviour, whether it is, for example, the collection and recycling of our waste, the use of ecological cleaning products, or the replacement of the thermal vehicle fleet with hybrid and soon-to-be-electric vehicles…, we are “green” in everything we do, and it is by being fully aware of the societal and environmental issues that we continue to integrate a responsible approach with our employees in order to carry out sustainable actions. This day-to-day commitment is on a daily basis that constitutes the DNA of AXEM Technology. Sustainability is at the heart of our business. We develop products that are environmentally responsible.

We are manufacturers and experts in RFID. As such, we design, develop and market innovative products in an extremely hight growth sector. Today, we realize that technology leads to many changes in the way we consume goods and services. However, to succeed, the transformation can only be collective and the AXEM Technology teams have understood the meaning of this andabove all know how to contribute to it. Our commitment to CSR also translates into a a model of positive management that enables better implementation of the company’s projects.

Green Management is a more responsible and sustainable management that integrates the values of CSR (benevolence, responsibility, transparency, respect and fairness) by giving meaningful role and responsibility to all the company’s employees. The question of “working better” together becomes even more important in times of crisis.

In times of crisis such as the one we are currently facing, it is all the more important to support employees and involve them fully in the company’s strategies. In this respect, AXEM Technology is proud to integrate each employee in its important decisions and we are now fully benefiting from the many actions previously implemented.

At the same time, Green Management at AXEM Technology results in various measures such as flexible working hours according to the constraints of each individual, CSR events organized to strengthen and unite teams, warmer premises, an equipped refectory that allows hot and balanced meals to be taken in a friendly atmosphere… all these actions are carried out so that employees feel good and want to stay with us.”

Philippe MONDON, CEO and President of AXEM Technology