How do you improve the well-being of your employees at work?

22 November 2021

A growing number of companies are taking an interest in this subject and want to avoid the work-related stress for their employees. Indeed, improving well-being at work and increasing the overall happiness of employees has become a real priority for both small and large company.

At AXEM Technology, a good work environment of our employees at work is essential to the company’s growth and prosperity. For you, AXEM Technology has focused on this subject!

Happiness and work?

In early 2019, a study conducted by BVA-BPI Group (Borometer of Employees : health and well-being at work), reveals that in France , 38% of employees report suffering from stress from overload of work, and 63% feel concerned about the risk of exhaustion related to their work.

In our professionnal life, there are several factors that determine our well-being at work : our schedules, relationships between colleagues, the type of management exercised over us, or the feeling of being useful or not to the  company and contributing to its growth. Today, companies have understood that to fully satisfy an employee, we  must take  care as much about the body as about the mind. Satisfying each other allows you to flourish and be more efficient in the company.

Well-being at work = better productivity!

Well-being at work is now regarded as a strategic-objective for companies, since it improve employees’ efficiency . This shift in mindset place the level of employee satisfaction as a priority. Many companies have already tried to improve the way and working environment of their employees with a more design, warmer workplace, with more freedom and thus less stress.

Life at AXEM Technology

At AXEM Technology, we are committed to making our peaple fullfilled and happy at work. Although we are a small company, we tend to grow and we are becoming more numerous every year (+6 new employees in 2019 and other open positions).

We put in place actions that allow our employees to feel important and involved in every company’s action and strategy.

Here are some of them:

  • Listen to and take into account comments of our people in order to evolve ! Indeed, we are convinced that highlighting them will lead them to outperform themselves and to give the best of themselves.
  • We want all our employees to be seated at their desks comfortably a. That is why our teams are working to imrpove the design and decoration of our entrance hall, which will be ready during the second quarter.
  • We focus on teamwork, exchange of information between departments…

At AXEM Technology, caring for the well-being of employees is not an option but a necessity!