Linen tracking with UHF RFID

Historically, the tracking in the laundry industry is ensured by HF RFID. AXEM Technology offers a complete hardware UHF RFID solution to enable even better traceability of linen and equipments:

  • Productivity gain
  • Reduction in the number of errors
  • Optimization of customer service

Example applications

  • Linen identification and tracking: exit/return from factory, delivery, dispatch, cleaning process
  • Management of linen specifications
  • Tracking of equipments: trolleys, bins, bags, RTI…

Key caracteristics

  • Tags: made in France design, resistance and unaltered
    performances facing the requirements of traceability in laundry (60 bars pressure, 200 washing cycles, Gamma rays) reading up to 10m, customization
  • RFID scanners: high-performance and adjustable UHF RFID, HF & NFC, HF,1D/2D scanner, IP65 to IP68

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Our products

AX’Tag Locker XL

  • Strong and impact resistant
  • Long reading distance: up to 12m
  • Customizable: printing of barcode, Datamatrix, text, logo…

AX’Lin range

  • Thin and flexible Label for laundries
  • Durable and resistant to 60 bar for more than 200 washing cycles
  • Several fixing methods: heat sealing & sewing
  • Long reading distance: up to 10m
  • Customizable: size, printing of barcode, Datamatrix, text and logo

RFID Scanners

  • Rugged mobile readers with a wide range of accessories for more mobility and safety: case, bumpers, strap, anti strangulation strap…
  • Instant data transmission with 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS.
  • Warranties adapted to devices exposed to harsh conditions: screen breakage, exchange or repair of products within 5 days*…
Inventory of flat linen

AXEM Technology, RFID expert

  • Manufacturing of hardware RFID solutions
    ◊ Standard and complete range of industrial RFID
    ◊ Custom products for demanding requirements

AXEM Lab, innovation center

  • Equipment at the cutting edge of RFID technology
  • Product design with Intellectual Property
  • Feasibility studies according to customers’ requirements
  • Manufacturing of customized products
AXEM Lab_1580 x 550

Laundry news

Which RFID tag for industrial laundry?

Which RFID tag for industrial laundry?

The implementation of RFID technology has made it possible to optimize the identification and traceability of flat linen and workwear throughout the laundry process. This is made possible, firstly, by an RFID tag attached to a cloth and integrating information, and...

High-performance traceability in laundry thanks to UHF RFID

High-performance traceability in laundry thanks to UHF RFID

For several years now traceability in industrial laundry has been ensured by barcode or HF RFID technologies. AXEM Technology offers a complete hardware UHF RFID solution (RFID readers and antennas, mobile RFID terminals and UHF tags) providing even more efficient...

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