Optimizing flow management with RFID

With the development of the IoT, the multichannel and data exploitation, RFID is a key
asset for logistics stakeholders, especially to ensure a precise tracking of product flows
in all industries:

  • Locate products
  • Improve productivity
  • Simplify inventories
  • Reduce the error rate and lower related costs

Example applications

  • Identification of contents (wooden/plastic pallets, shuttle boxes, etc.) and placement (shelving, etc.)
  • Inventory (mass reading)
  • Tracking of products entries and exits from storage areas
  • Optimization of intralogistics

Key characteristics

  •  Identifiers
    ◊ Compatibility on metal, plastic, wooden…
    ◊ Various types of fixing: tie, adhesive, rivet…
    ◊ Outdoor resistance for several years (rain, dust,
    chemicals, UV)
  • Rugged, high-performance RFID scanners with a wide range of accessories for greater mobility and security

Our products

AX’Tag Explorer

  • Reliability and resistance to outdoor conditions (rain, dust and chemicals, UV)
  • Several ways of fixing on plastic or wood

AX’Tag Locker XL

  • Shock resistance
  • Long reading distance: up to 12m
  • Resistance for several years
  • Easy fixing
  • Customization: printing of barcode; Datamatrix, text, logo…

AX’Label Classic ATA Spec 2000

  • Embedded ATA Spec 2000 label
  • Compatible with plastic, wood and…
  • Standard or permanent adhesive
  • Can be personalised by printing text, logo, barcode, QR Codes, etc…
Entrepôt logistique

AX’Label Classic

  • Label with standard/reinforced adhesive
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Resistance for several years
  • Customization by printing of text, logo, barcode, Datamatrix…
  • Compatibility with TOHIBA BA410 printer

Scanners RFID

  • Rugged RFID scanners with a wide range of accessories for more mobility and safety: case, bumpers, strap, anti-strangulation
  • Instant data transmission with 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Warranties adapted to customers’ environment: broken screen, exchange or repair of products within 24 hours…24h…
Inventory on shelves

AXEM Technology, RFID expert

  • Manufacturing of hardware RFID solutions
    ◊ Standard and complete range of industrial RFID
    ◊ Custom products for demanding requirements

AXEM Lab, innovation center

  • Equipment at the cutting edge of RFID technology
  • Product design with Intellectual Property
  • Feasibility studies according to customers’ requirements
  • Manufacturing of customized products
AXEM Lab_1580 x 550

Logistics news

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