Come and meet AXEM Technology on September 27th and 28th 2017 at RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany on booth 39!


An exhibition at the heart of RFID & Internet of Thing (IoT) innovations

RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow is the event to discover all the innovative aspects of this contactless identification technology. This exhibition brings together all the RFID and IoT actors who wish to take up the future challenges.

RFID & Wireless IoT Tomorrow offers two days of meetings with more than 60 exhibitors representing international suppliers and customers, and more than fifteen speakers.
The two-day conferences will focus on digital transformation, efficiency, automation and sustainability.

  • Developer Day: On this first day the conferences will be oriented on technological issues. On the program, the latest advances in terms of reading, technical improvements, integrators advice, ongoing research and also standardization and frequencies.
  • User Day: This day will be dedicated to end users and their experiences. Five forums on industrial IoT, logistics & supply chain, healthcare, retail and security & consumer IoT will rhythm the day. Each forums will consist of 9 conferences that will share practical experiences and discuss the benefits achieved through this technology integration.

Meet AXEM Technology on booth 39

These two days will allow you to meet AXEM Technology team to exchange about our know-how and new RFID products.

Some key products


Tablette industirelle at-07_20The AT-07 ultra-rugged industrial tablet has a 1.2 GHz quad core processor. Very efficient, this tablet is surprising by its power with a long range UHF reader allowing complete and instant acquisition of a large number of tags data!

Available with several options: Ublox high-precision GPS, 1D / 2D barcode reader, BF, HF / NFC, UHF RFID, fingerprint identification, and other information acquisition modules.



With its large memory capacity (4k bytes), the TMT-3F tag is ideal for complex environments. It can be mounted on any metal surface by gluing or bolting and can withstand temperatures from -50 ºC to + 200 ºC.

Also available with smaller memory capacities.


Etiquette adhesifs RFID

We adapt our RFID labels to best serve our customers’ needs. AXEM Technology offers high performance metal labels, ISEGA-compliant labels or reinforced labels containing a stronger adhesive like 3M 300LSE type. To this we can also add a more resistant protective layer in hard PET.

These labels can then withstand repetitive washes or sterilization processes.



The BOX-4 industrial reader is a high-performance 4 channels UHF controller meeting installation and operating requirements in indoor and outdoor environments.
With a reading power up to 33dbm, this reader developed with an Impinj’s INDY R2000 chip can read up to 700 tag / sec.

Box-4 UHF, is an easy to install and operate reader.


The CC-102 bitumen tag is designed to be efficient by being integrated into roads (bitumen, asphalt, tar…).

The CC-102 can withstand harsh environments such as high temperature or pressures.


Address: Van der Valk Airporthotel – Am Hülserhof 57 – 40472 Düsseldorf – Germany

Find AXEM Technology team on booth 39

Opening hours: Wednesday, September the 27th from 9 am to 9 pm
Thursday, September the 28th from 9 am to 5 pm



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