AXEM Technology will be part of Smart Industries event, the connected industry exhibition from March the 5th to the 8th, 2019 at Eurexpo Lyon in France. This exhibition will be held as part of the first edition of GLOBAL INDUSTRIE, the largest industrial event in France.

In 2018, Smart Industries took place in Paris and gathered around 400 exhibitors, 10,000 visitors and thousands of conference participants.


This Lyon edition allows AXEM Technology to present its FabLab and new products for 2019.


RFID readers adapted to your needs

The MBA5-PX series

The MBA5 mobile terminal range is divided into 4 product lines with very different data capture functionalities: UHF and/or HF/NFC RFID and/or 1D/2D scanner. The MBA5 series can be adapted to all your identification and traceability needs in many industrial applications.

SOTI MobiControl certification of all readers guarantees secure and easy management of your company’s entire MBA5 fleet.

Discover the main products of this range:




This new tablet, both convenient and powerful, has many features: UHF or HF/NFC RFID reading/writing, barcode scanner, biometric identification, infrared… The ATX-800 also has a 8000mAh battery, the ergonomic operating system Android 7.1, an 8” high definition display screen…



This professional device adapts to all types of Android or iOS smartphones, regardless of screen size. It is easy to connect the device and UniSled thanks to Bluetooth to access the data capture functions: UHF RFID reading/writing and 1D/2D barcode scanner.





In addition to the NFC reading/writing functionalities, the MBS smartphone can also be equipped with a 1D/2D barcode scanner. This new product of the MBA5 family runs under Android 8. This makes data acquisition very fast. Its autonomy makes it suitable for all industrial environments such as logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail….. The Bluetooth connection between the MBS and the UniSled allows UHF RFID reading/writing.


Serval and Serval-Air


These two lightweight and compact UHF RFID readers, which can be connected to any fixed or mobile terminal, are perfectly suitable for the industrial environment.




Ranges of high added value identifiers

The HF/NFC & UHF metal labels range


Designed to perform on metal, AXEM Technology’s metal RFID tags meet your needs for identification and traceability on metal. Several delivery formats and sizes are available with HF/NFC 13.56 MHz RFID and UHF RFID technology.

Ouldoor HF/NFC metal labels are equipped with an adhesive that provides long-lasting resistance in external environments.

The UHF long-distance metal labels are designed with an innovative antenna allowing a reading distance up to 6m


The UHF laundry tags range


The Lin Tag allows the identification of all types of textiles, in volume and blind. For laundry applications, it can withstand more than 200 washes. Suitable for fixing on clothing or on linen, it can be sewn into a hem or directly on the textile. It can also be fixed by heat sealing (Thermo Lin Tag),

The latest innovation in the range is the Gamma Lin tag, which can withstand Gamma rays.



Discover all our main products at Smart Industries exhibition during these 4 days!


Come and meet us from March the 5th to the 8th, 2019 in France in Lyon at the “Parc d’Exposition Eurexpo”, Connect+Event area  in Hall 4, aisle L, booth 105.


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