Mixing is an asset for AXEM Technology

10 December 2021

Marie CORREIA, CSR project leader

1- What is diversity at AXEM Technology?

« Diversity has existed since the creation of AXEM Technology and it is now a real corporate culture that our CEO wishes to pass on to all his employees. It is structured around 4 main pillars:

  • Aquality between men and women
  • Diversity
  • Equal pay
  • Work-life balance

Since 2014, equal employment opportunities for men and women have been regulated by law. It therefore obliges companies with at least 50 employees to comply with professional equality. We are an SME with around 20 employees and we are proud to say that we apply this policy of professional equality and equal opportunities for each of our employees. »

2- Can you develop the 4 main pillars linked to gender diversity at AXEM Technology?

« We are in a sector where we recruit a lot of technical and scientific profiles. Unfortunately, we are finding it difficult to hire more women in this field. I notice that in France, the model based on educational habits and stereotypical imprints leads some positions to be more male than others. Nevertheless, we remain committed to having women in our technical and logistics professions. However, this is still complicated, since schools do not train enough of them…

Without this mix, AXEM Technology would be depriving itself of certain advantages. This is why we strive in our recruitment policy to establish equality between men and women. Moreover, to quote the figures, in 2019 our workforce will be made up of a majority of women (11) rather than men (9).

In our daily lives, we develop a policy of “promotion” to avoid the classic phenomenon of women evaporating as we move up the ladder of functions and responsibilities.  For example, out of 3 management positions, I am myself Administrative and Customer Service Director and I am part of the Management Committee. This is a good example of what equality means at AXEM Technology! »

« I also think we all have to learn from each other. It’s a real asset for each AXEM Technology employee, to work alongside so many people from different backgrounds. There are 6 different origins in our company and as many employees who speak several languages.

This cultural diversity offers the company multiple and powerful assets for creation, innovation and entrepreneurship! »

« Finally, work-life balance is also important to ensure women’s access to managerial positions. In order to achieve this, we have developed :

  • Timetabling
  • Equal opportunities to develop their professional career…

3- Finally, what would you like to add?

« I would say that one should not be afraid of prejudice. Gender diversity is not a constraint but on the contrary an opportunity for any company. The advantages are numerous: mutual help, exchange at all levels… it is the key to guaranteed success and professional fulfilment! »