Control access to waste collection centers

The success of RFID technology in controlling access to waste disposal facilities is well known. It is a real productivity gain: it allows municipalities to control access, waste from everyone and manage the data collected using RFID technology.

Choose the RFID solution for access control

 Traceability of users

 Easier user experience by a remote reading card and time saving for waste collection centers

 Optimized management of collected data


Our RFID hardware solutions: identifiers and mobile readers


To manage access to waste disposal facilities, municipalities provide cards adapted to the type of user, professional or individual.

These cards, generally made of PVC, are contactless technology cards that incorporate a radio frequency identification chip. The chip controls communications with the reader, data storage and encryption as well as access security. AXEM Technology provides RFID cards in all three frequencies, UHF, HF and LF, but also bi-techno (2 contactless chips) and hybrid (contact/contactless) cards whose configuration is applied on request. All cards are available with printing and personalization options.

Attachement Screwing, gluing or sealing the tag on the container, bucket or bin
  • Impression
  • Offset
  • Logo/Graphics/Photo
  • Serial Number
  • UID Number
  • Barcode printing
  • Overlay Foil
  • Signature Panel
  • Name Personalization
  • Photo Personalization


AXEM Technology offers a wide range of cards in UHF, HF or LF technologies that can be customized for the management of access control to waste collection centres, for individuals and professionals.

The waste collection centers are equipped with fixed RFID readers implemented in bollards or mobile RFID readers that allow users to be identified. AXEM Technology is specialized in mobile and rugged RFID readers.


Mobile RFID readers

Mobile RFID readers suitable for access control are rugged devices. Regardless of the RFID technology deployed, the range includes single or tri-frequency readers. Some devices are also equipped with a 1D/2D scanner.

Type Rugged PDA, Bluetooth rugged reader, rugged tablet
Operating system Option: Android 6.1, Android 8
  • Output power: 5-33dBm
  • Circular or linear antenna
  • IP64 at least
  • Resistance to water, dust, sun
Communication 4G/LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS


HF/NFC or UHF MBA5-P2x UHF, HF & BF MultiPEN 4511
MBA5-P2X_UHF_Android_PDA MultiPEN_4030
  •  MBA5-P21: NFC + 1D/2D
  • MBA5-P22: NFC + 1D/2D + Gun
  • MBA5-P23: 1D/2D + Gun + UHF

Resistance: IP65 – resistance to a 1.5m drop

1D/2D scanner option (MBA5-P11)

SOTI MobiControl certification

Tri-frequency reader (UHF, HF and LF)

USB and Bluetooth connexion

Resistance: IP54




Increasingly used in waste management, RFID also facilitates waste collection.


Optimizing waste management

RFID ensures in particular the identification and monitoring of the logistics flows of waste containers, plastic pallets, plastic containers,… Indeed, on each container or bin can be fixed an RFID tag. Depending on the hardware solutions implemented, the RFID truck can be equipped with RFID antennas and an RFID reader that identifies the seized container. In other cases, the operator equipped with a mobile RFID reader, PDA, tablet or RFID reader can identify the seized container in a matter of seconds.

RFID makes it easier to automatize waste collection.

While HF and LF RFID technology is already widely used, UHF RFID technology is becoming increasingly popular because it allows greater reading distances.


Choosing RFID solution

 Productivity gains: optimization of waste collection and in particular the itinerary of garbage trucks.

 Valorization of sorting and reduction of environmental footprint: identification of the end user and therefore possible control of the volume of waste produced and the quality of the sorting carried out.

 Real-time monitoring of operations: garbage trucks routes….


What about UHF RFID technology?

 Reduced number of errors and non-detections and easy integration of RFID technology through longer reading distances

 Our RFID hardware solutions: identifiers and mobile readers



Depending on the customer and the material equipment, waste collection is done in various ways. Consequently, our range of identifiers includes tags with various designs to adapt to the different specificities of the activity: collection of bins, skips or containers of different sizes, formats and materials (metal, plastic) by trucks of different types of loading (rear, front or side) etc. The tag can either be attached directly to the bin, sealed on the container, dumpster or bin, or even on the plastic bag directly.

Attachement Screwing, gluing or sealing the tag on the container, dumpster or bin
  • Water, shocks, thermal variations
  • Long service life
  • IP66 minimum


UHF waste container tag UHF label
R3023 Waste Bin Tag HF RFID Metal_UHF_label
Tag screwing system in or on any type of plastic material

Material: Nylon and resin

Resistance: water, dust, chemicals


Adhesive fixing

Multiple sizes and packaging



RFID mobile readers

Mobile RFID readers adapted to control access to waste sites are also suitable for monitoring waste collection.  Resistant to environmental constraints related to activity (water, shocks, temperature variations, exposure to the sun…), they make it possible to identify the seized container in a few seconds.


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