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A transport ticket that refuses to get validated: a very sensitive subject which can make easily derail the customer satisfaction.

When the rail line company in charge of the commuter trains in the Orlando area found out that a large number of validations were problematic, it looked for a new supplier to create more reliable wireless RFID tickets. Therefore, AXEM Technology, expert in RFID products, has been naturally consulted. If the

French company successfully met the challenge, it is because his team dissected everything.

The customer satisfaction, a major concern.

Inaugurated in 2014, the first Sunrail lines have everything to prove to satisfy passengers in their daily rides. Yet, in only few months, the rail line company got a bad reputation about the one-way tickets. The reason? A reading problem at the automatic controlling machine to the point where riders were reluctant to use those machines.

In fact, many chips were not read and the paper was fragile, which generated a high scrap rate. And even if trains are comfortable and the staff is pleasant, the passenger experience was spoiled by those big lonely minutes wasted in front of a refractory machine. Inevitably, disappointed riders preferred to use other transport modes.

A true problem for Sunrail, especially since this dysfunction was a financial pit with high compensation costs. So they had to react.

Replace the machines ? Too expensive. It was better to concentrate on the consumables and find a new supplier serious and competent, able to supply reliable tickets. The riders trust was at stake.

Remplacer les machines ? Trop coûteux. Il fallait plutôt se concentrer sur les consommables et trouver un nouveau fournisseur sérieux et compétent, capable de fournir des billets fiables. La confiance des usagers en dépendait.

Rethink the RFID ticket to ensure performance

If AXEM Technology has been contacted by his partner from the USA, it is because the whole ticket had to be rethought, while ensuring the compatibilities with the structures in place. In fact, the importance of the paper quality was clear, but they had to find a supplier also able to control and optimize the RFID performances.

And to get it done, AXEM Technology teams started by literally dissecting the former ticket to analyze it point by point.

We then realized that some specifications could get optimized. Besides the paper quality, the chip and the antenna also had to get improved”, remembers Philippe MONDON, CEO of the company. “Few months only after the first contacts, we were sending samples to be tested on the field. Then in April 2017, the first 450.000 tickets were deployed in the Sunrail stations”.

Since then, the French supplier AXEM Technology, supplies all the commuter trains tickets of the Orlando area. This contract, with a minimum duration of 5 years, represents around 1.5 million pieces/year.

Added values of the French company

A Sharp analyze of the needs and constraints: understand the weakness of the previous solutions, the environmental constraints, the reading and use requirements, for both operators and users.

RFID expertize: choose the good inlay with the right chip, the right antenna and the right connectors, to allow an optimum reading and an electronic resistance.

Pre-encoding management: facilitate the use and reading with a data matching between the chip and the ticket

Choice of good quality materials: ensure a limited stress for the chip when integrating data, a reliability rate at almost 100%, and a production quality at high volume identical to sampling.

Competitiveness in terms of prices: optimize and control the cost prices.


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