At the Mobility for Business 2018 edition, our rugged MBA5 series terminals were awarded the “Best Mobile Device for Business” prize.

For this new edition, Philippe MONDON, is participating in a round table on the theme “Rugged terminals : which solutions for which businesses ? ». Our CEO will be pleased to share his expertise and experience on the subject.

Today, AXEM Technology is specialized and involved in the design, manufacture and commercialization of rugged terminals asociated with RFID (PDAs, tablets, smartphones). Our products are easily adapted to many operating environments and multiple sectors of activity.  We are committed to meeting users’ expectations, particularly in terms of ergonomics, design and performance.

Why choose a rugged terminal?

Intended for an industrial environment, the rugged terminal is designed to meet the requirements of various professional uses (such as shock, cold, humidity, heat, etc.). It is therefore robust, compact and also powerful.

On this subject, Philippe MONDON has an industrial vision of the question : “choosing rugged terminals is guaranteeing the quality and durability of products. The objective is to ensure a low return rate of products. The term “rugged” refers to the industrial – professional aspect of the product but also reflects a very particular use (manufactured to resist all types of aggression).

Indeed, a rugged terminal is a powerful tool that ensures the productivity of an activity. Consequently, it is necessary to gurarantee its resistance to any industrial activity and its robustness over time.

How to choose a rugged terminal?

To choose the right terminal, it is essential to take into account the specificities of the business. This is why, at AXEM Technology, we support the customer in defining his needs in order to offer him the best possible equipment, adapted to the sector of activity and the end user.

For each actitvity, several questions need to be asked :

– Should it have a screen? If so, what should be the size of the screen ?

– What should be the maximum weight of the device ?

– Does the device have to be resistant to a harsh environment ? (Resistance to heat, humidity, water or dust)

– Will it be necessary to interconnect between the devices and/or with other devices ?

– What types of accessories are most relevant ?

Can « rugged » also refer to the software part ?

According to Philippe MONDON, the rugged aspect refers both to the physical strength of the product and to the software part. At AXEM Technology, we only use stabilized versions of OS, stability being a guarantee of quality. Customers are looking for a product that can last over time, usually 3 to 5 years. Therefore our customers are looking for a stable and durable product.

AXEM Technology also offers its customers MDM (Mobile Device Management), which helps to stabilize the environment in which users work. For the company’s founder, the stability of the device as well as AXEM Technology’s continuous support for its customers are essential.

To conclude, at AXEM Technology, we guarantee high-performance industrial-grade products and ensure the durability of our equipment and the monitoring of the life cycle of each of the terminals to ensure the sustainability of our customer

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