Mobile terminals / readers

AXEM offers complete ranges of mobile terminals and readers with UHF, HF/NFC or LF RFID read/write functionalities for various applications (security, food industry, logistics, etc.) and thus equips professionals with the most efficient devices for their activity.

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ATX-800 V9 UHF & NFC Tablet

Discover the many features integrated or optional in the ATX-800 V9 tablet: data capture using UHF RFID technology and barcode reading, iris and fingerprint recognition, infrared, etc. The ATX-800 V9 rugged tablet runs on Android 9.0 and has an 8000 mAh battery. The 8-inch high-definition display provides a very comfortable display surface.

The ATX-800 tablet is compatible with ATA Spec 2000 (Chapter 9.5).

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