Armored 300c UHF Tag

Armored 300c tag provides identification and tracking capabilities in rugged or hazardous environments. This UHF tag has been designed to resist high temperatures and unprecedent pressure conditions. With an IP68 protection rating, its resistance to water and dust is excellent.
It can be mounted to any metal surface.

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EU: 865-869MHz
US: 902-928MHz

RF Standard

EPC GLOBAL Class1Gen2;
ISO 18000-6C (-63°)


Length: 54.2 mm
Width: 44.6 mm
Height: 14.6 mm


Shell: cold steel
Spacer: high-temperature plastic

IP rating


Applicable surface

Any metallic surface
Metal surfaces: ferrous and non-ferrous

Chips available

Alien Higgs-3
Optional: NXP UCODE G2XM, Impinj Monza4QT


*EPC memory
– Standard: 128 bit
– Optional: Up to 240 bit
* EPC memory content : Unique 96-bit number encoded
* Extended memory: Standard: 512 bit
* TID – UHF: Factory-programmed, non-changeable, unique 64-bit ID.

Read range

In metal: n/a
On metal: 1,50m
Off metal: n/a
*Depends on the reader and the environment


Storage temperature: -50°C to +300°C*
Operating temperature: -50°C to +85°C*

*According to tests performed under optimal conditions, environmental resistance to be qualified in any industrial application.

Mounting method

Welding or bolting the tag

The Armored 300c tag must be mounted to the metal surface with the metal “cup” pointed up and with no metal covering the tag.
When selecting the mounting location, ensure the following:
– Select an even metal surface so that the entire flat plate of the Armored 300c is in contact with the mounting surface.
– Place the tag in the middle of the largest metal mounting surface available.
– It is recommended that the tag be taped to the metal surface, before welding or bolting the tag, to check orientation and performance.
The Armored 300c’s performance depends on the shape of the metal object and the tags placement on that surface. The above recommendations are valid for flat surfaces. Testing is recommended to verify performance in each use-case.

Bolting achieves effective mounting and retention in various use conditions.
The Armored 300c can be mechanically attached using screws (size M4) or pop rivets (size 4mm)

The spacer under the Armored 300 provides the needed functional air-gap between the tag and the mounting surface. The tag must be flush with the metal surface and not “bowed”. DO NOT REMOVE THE SPACER MATERIAL from the bottom of the tag. Removing the spacer material will keep the tag from operating.

Other standard

ISO 17665 – Sterilization of Health Care Products – Moist Steam
ISO 11135 – Sterilization of Health Care Products – Ethylene Oxide

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