AX’Cess Cards UHF, HF & LF

AX’Cess Cards UHF, HF & LF is AXEM Technology’s range of RFID cards. They provide many advantages, due to their non- required physical link with the reading device. The communication is performed through the electro- magnetic field between the Reader and the Contactless Card. They feature a long lifespan and are resistant to dirt and moisture.

The main components of a RFID Cards are a microchip and an antenna. The microchip controls all communication with the reader, as well as data storage, data encryption and security of access. There are different types of microchips which can be used, from simple to highly sophisticated to support multiple applications.

AXEM Technology, also supply the RFID Cards in three frequencies:

  • Ultra High Frequency (UHF) cards with 860-960 MHz
  • High Frequency (HF) cards with 13.56 MHz
  • Low Frequency (LF) cards with 125 KHz

All AXEM Technology Cards are available with printing and many personalization options

Material PVC, laminated
Dimensions 85.6 × 54.0 × 76


Access Control, Events, Spa, Pool, Fitness Center, Spa, Logistics Transport, Ski Pass, Library, Waste disposal…
Personalization Options


  • Logo/Graphics/Photo
  • Serial Number
  • UID Number
  • Barcode printing
  • Overlay Foil
  • Signature Panel
  • Name Personalization
  • Photo Personalization


  • LoCo300
  • HiCo2750
  • HiCo4000

Magstripe Encoding

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