Leading manufacturer of products for fixing, identification, installation and cable protection, HellermannTyton digitalises its offer and provides simple, automatic and reliable hardware management thanks to RFID.

Item traceability: a necessity to guarantee efficiency and safety

Today, manufacturers must be able to answer for their equipment, and this means guaranteeing and controlling identification and traceability. Indeed, whether it is the calibration history, the location but also the maintenance, everything must be accessible to gain efficiency but also for more security.

With this in mind, HellermannTyton developed HTrack, a simple, ergonomic and reliable item management solution.

A turnkey management solution

Appli_Hellermann_Tablette_AT-07_RFIDHellermannTyton launched in 2016 a range of smart collars and accessories incorporating RFID technology for contactless data exchange. In 2018 the company went further by developing its offer which now includes the HTrack software dedicated to the management of necklaces and accessories.

Accessible remotely with secure identifiers, it offers, in addition to logistic management, access to control reports, wiring plans and datasheets, as well as all the information deemed useful by the user, which he simply records in the software.
Each piece of data is sent in real time, and is accessible immediately, via a remote server. HTrack has been developed with different specific applications: cable management, maintenance, tool management and candelabra management.

HTrack is available as a mobile version on the AT-07 RFID tablet in Android 5.1, but can also be used on a fix version.

Identification ensured by suitable equipment

In order to set up its offer in various industries with multiple management modes, HellermannTyton needed to associate its application with powerful hardware in all types of applications. It is therefore naturally that the collaboration with AXEM Technology, supplier of RFID products since 2003, began. The French company thus makes use of its experience and expertise in the field to provide high performance RFID identifiers and readers, always adapted to the environment of the application.

Thus, for readers, AXEM Technology can respond to a large number of applications by offering all types of readers: industrial, desktop or mobile (tablet, PDA, Smartphone).

In terms of identifiers whether it is an application on metal, with difficult storage conditions, constraints of size, fixing, reading distance or memory capacity, AXEM Technology will respond with an adapted classic or custom-made RFID tag.

HTrack solution is positioned as the essential application for a reliable and efficient management of your HellermannTyton assets.

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