What is operational maintenance?

Operational Maintenance is a prevention strategy aimed at ensuring the availability and proper functioning of materials, equipment and infrastructures throughout their life cycle. In other words, it is a matter of checking, maintaining or even repairing them. The Operational Maintenance refers to the replacement of defective parts, fault diagnosis, documentation, etc. The applications are numerous and concern all sectors of activity (army, transport, energy, construction, retail, etc However, today, the term essentially refers to the field of army for which the availability and proper functioning of equipment is more than essential.


Software programs, essential tool for operational maintenance

Many software programs are available to manage the Operational Maintenance of materials. Indeed, the Operational Maintenance can refer to more than 10,000 materials, hence the need for rigorous and computerized tracking. These software applications make it possible to forecast maintenance operations, make backups of operations executed, carry out product updates, etc.


More efficient management of operational maintenance with RFID

RFID facilitates the efficient management of Operational Maintenance. In order to ensure proper tracking of the equipment an important condition is to identify each item with a unique code. With RFID, all equipment can be equipped with an RFID chip to associate a unique identification number. With fixed RFID readers, for example in the case of a gantry, or with mobile readers, PDAs, tablets or smartphones, it is possible to identify several devices equipped with tags in a matter of seconds. It is also possible to track in the tag chip any maintenance activity that has been performed on the equipment on a given date. Updated maintenance procedures can be stored in digital format. In addition, RFID adapts to many environmental and mechanical constraints: outdoor environment, extreme temperatures, chemicals… There are tags designed to resist specific constraints with lifespan of several decades.


Operational maintenance software & RFID technology

Operational Maintenance software programs and RFID technology work together. Some Operational Maintenance software applications are specifically designed to use RFID technology. Fixed RFID readers or mobile terminals equipped by operators in the field transmit the information contained in the tags of materials, infrastructures or equipment. These data are then processed by the software.

Whether in the army, transport or energy sectors, it is essential to detect technical and mechanical defects very quickly. The quality, reliability and safety of the equipment are major issues that cannot be underestimated. With the increasing complexity of infrastructures, the implementation of RFID technology combined with MCO software facilitates tracking and sharing of information. For example, in the military and civil aeronautics industry, materials or equipment are identified by high memory UHF tags to allow the storage of maintenance procedures in the mamory.  This makes it possible to identify, maintain, repair and track revisions without risk of errors.

RFID and operational maintenance


Thus, RFID allows the optimization of the maintenance in operational condition of materials, equipment and infrastructures.

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