RFID rugged Tablet AT-07AXEM Technology presents its AT-07: “all in one” Android tablet, which brings together a powerful UHF RFID reader and an ultra-rugged tablet to meet your identification and traceability requirements. You can read data written on the RFID tags of your products, and process in real time on your tablet.

Integrated UHF RFID Reader: accuracy and time saving

The UHF reader can read tags up to 6m. Thereby, identification operations are much faster, while minimizing the risk of human error.

Optimize inventory management

During your inventory, no need to individually scan each barcode; with the AT-07, just pass your tablet in front of your shelves, or loadings. Therefor the AT-07 particularly interests industries wishing to modernize their supply chains.

Access control at an event

The AT-07 also proves to be a very interesting tool for event organization. At the entrance, tablets identify the people badges, without contact so without disturbing them. Besides that you have a discreet and efficient access control system, you will have access to useful data about the attendance of your event.

A powerful tablet…

The AT-07 is equipped with all the features of a powerful tablet, essential for field workers: the Android operating system 4.4 or 5.1, a quad core processor 1.2GHz, WiFi, bluetooth, GSM, 3G, 4G, GPS, a USB and a micro SD port. Modular, it has several options such as Low Frequency, High Frequency and/or Ultra High Frequency RFID, biometric identification, and barcodes / flashcode 1D / 2D scanner.

… And an ultra-rugged tool

It not only has a large 7” LCD touch screen to improve the working comfort, but this UHF RFID tablet is also designed for professionals in the field.

In the sectors of industry, transport, handling, performance rhymes with resistance!

It can be used in the harshest conditions: it supports falls of 1.2m, it can be used in bright sunlight as well as within the rain, it is resistant to dust, shocks (IP67 and MIL military standards -STD-810G), and vibrations. Specifically, a professional can identify the loading of a moving truck, drop the tablet going out of the vehicle, let it under the rain, and walk on it: it will remain intact. And as it has great autonomy, it will stand all the way without recharging.

A real all-terrain tablet.

AXEM Technology is maintenance center for this all-in-one UHF RFID tablet, thanks to its hardware engineering skills. A constant ear to the ground, we are active partners of systems integrators and IT services companies for their identification and traceability projects. We offer them expert advice and a wide products catalog (tags for any application, readers, PDA, rugged tablets and smartphones…).

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