Awarded “Best Mobile Device for Business” at Mobility For Business in 2018, the MBA5 range of ruggedized terminals is evolving and becoming even more powerful.

Aware of the professional challenges of its customers’ activities, AXEM Technology brings you more efficiency and precision thanks to the evolution of its products.

Today, the company is deploying the V8 from the MBA5 range: the MBA5-P2X V8 PDA (with RFID technologies HF/NFC -MBA5-P20, MBA5-P21 and MBA5-P22- or UHF -MBA5-P23-) and the MBA5-P3X V8 PDA (with RFID technologies HF/NFC -MBA5-P30 and MBA5-P31- or UHF with integrated antenna MBA5-P33 and MBA5-P34), available with the Android 8 operating system.1.

Designed for industrial use, this range is off-road. Robust, high-performance and resistant, the latest generation of terminals in the MBA5 V8 range is designed to ensure use in very demanding environments.

Created to accelerate the productivity of your employees, the MBA5 V8 range will allow you to optimize the performance of your activities, including the reception and control of your goods, replenishment of the area, assistance with order preparation, inventory, access control…

With a minimalist and timeless design, the MBA5 V8 series PDAs are lightweight, compact for the MBA5-P3X V8 and easy to handle thanks to the gun for the MBA5-P2X V8.  Without too much effort, your employees can wear it all day long, especially since protection and transport solutions are available for each device.

Choose the quality and reliability of AXEM Technology products!

Optimize your performance and push your limits with mobile rugged devices: MBA5-P2X V8 PDA & MBA5-P3X V8 PDA.

Main sectors of activity of the MBA5 V8

To know more about it…

Would you like to know more about our products? Discover our product sheets: MBA5-P2X V8 and MBA5-P3X V8.

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