Optimizing flow management with RFID

Entrepôt Logistique
  • Locate products
  • Improve productivity
  • Simplify inventories
  • Reduce the error rate and lower related costs
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Example applications

  • Identification of contents (wooden/plastic pallets, shuttle boxes, etc.) and placement (shelving, etc.)
  • Inventory (mass reading)
  • Tracking of products entries and exits from storage areas
  • Optimization of intralogistics

Key features

  • Compatibility on metal, plastic, wooden…
  • Various types of fixing: tie, adhesive, rivet…
  • Outdoor resistance for several years (rain, dust, chemicals, UV)
  • Rugged, high-performance RFID scanners with a wide range of accessories for greater mobility and security

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Our material solutions

IMG 5926 1280x854

AX’Tag Explorer

  • Reliability and resistance to outdoor conditions (rain, dust and chemicals, UV)
  • Several ways of fixing on plastic or wood
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AXTag Messenger Logistics 1280x854

AX’Tag Locker XL

  • Shock resistance
  • Long reading distance: up to 12m
  • Resistance for several years
  • Easy fixing
  • Customization: printing of barcode; Datamatrix, text, logo…
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Entrepôt Logistique

AX’Label Classic ATA Spec 2000

  • Embedded ATA Spec 2000 label
  • Compatible with plastic, wood and…
  • Standard or permanent adhesive
  • Can be personalised by printing text, logo, barcode, QR Codes, etc…
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AXLabel Caisse Navette Opt 1280x854


  • Label with standard/reinforced adhesive
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Resistance for several years
  • Customization by printing of text, logo, barcode, Datamatrix…
  • Compatibility with TOHIBA BA410 printer
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MBS MagSled Logistics Opt3 1280x853

RFID Scanners

  • Rugged RFID scanners with a wide range of accessories for more mobility and safety: case, bumpers, strap, anti-strangulation strap…
  • Instant data transmission with 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Warranties adapted to customers’ environment: broken screen, exchange or repair of products within 24 hours…24h…
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AXEM Technology, RFID expert

AXEM Lab, innovation center :

  • Equipment at the cutting edge of RFID technology
  • Product design with Intellectual Property
  • Feasibility studies according to customers’ requirements
  • Manufacturing of customized products


Logistics news

Date : 8 September 2021

CSR and sustainable development at AXEM Technology!

An international week for the climate is being prepared and will take place from September 20 to 27, with several highlights.

Date : 9 April 2021

Share your daily life: being Customer Service Manager at AXEM Technology!

At AXEM Technology, team cohesion is a key factor in corporate commitment! This is why we are committed to making our employees feel fulfilled and happy at work.

Date : 20 October 2021

How can we “work better” together at AXEM Technology?

AXEM Technology has been integrating the “green” dimension in each of its projects since the beginning of its existence. For the company, it is a question of adopting more responsible and sustainable behavior.