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With its experience as a leader in RFID technology, AXEM Technology is the partner of choice for improving the management and traceability of your personal protective equipment (PPE).

Working with our RFID experts means choosing : 

  • Recognized expertise in RFID for over 20 years
  • French solutions: design, implementation and technical support
  • Reliable, high-performance RFID devices designed to meet your requirements.
  • Customized partnership with technical support and personalized follow-up.


Personal protective equipment: management and traceability

Choose smart PPE tracking with RFID technology. Learn how to choose and attach RFID tags to various types of Personal Protective Equipment. Guaranteed traceability of work clothing, hard hats, fall arrest harnesses, carabiners... RFID PPE tagging guarantees a smooth, controlled inventory of protective clothing and all other types of PPE.

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RFID traceability: PPE for high-risk high-risk professions

Keep track of your Personal Protective Equipment with RFID technology. Whatever your activity. The RFID solutions offered by AXEM Technology meet the needs of the most demanding sectors and varied professions: site workers, hospital workers, military personnel, firefighters, maintenance workers, electricians... 

Our UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID tags and labels make PPE management easier and more accurate. Whether you work in logistics, industry or security. Our solutions enable you to comply with PPE standards and regulations.

The real-time traceability offered by RFID makes it easy to track PPE maintenance, inventory and control. As a result, you can ensure the compliance of your personal protective equipment, while optimizing your supply chain and inventory management.

Adopt RFID technology for efficient, personalized management of your PPE flows. Benefit from active, rigorous monitoring, tailored to the needs of your specific business sector and professions.

Our offer

Innovative RFID hardware solutions

RFID technology is an essential pillar for optimizing the management of personal protective equipment (PPE). Enhance the safety and efficiency of workers in your company or community

AXEM Technology offers you a wide range of logistics RFID solutions specific to PPE: RFID antenna devices, RFID tags and labels, industrial RFID reader modules, UHF RFID mobile terminals, Reader stand-alone RFID...

Discover how RFID technology and real-time traceability can bring a real competitive edge toPPE inspection. Improving tracking, maintenance and ensuring maximum regulatory compliance.

Download our RFID offer for traceability of workwear and other protective equipment.

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We work with a network of trusted partners who offer software solutions and who help our customers integrate our hardware. Contact us so that we can put you in touch with the partner nearest you.


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  • RFID technology offers simplified, reliable and secure traceability of PPE, making it easier to track. Each piece of personal protective equipment is fitted with an RFID chip containing all relevant information, such as unique number, date of manufacture, model, manufacturer, condition, last maintenance or inspection operation, or location. 

    This data is also stored in a central database. This ensures improved digital management and rapid access to essential information. This innovative, cost-effective solution makes life much easier for users and distributors of PPE, guaranteeing better organization and efficient monitoring.

    RFID tracking systems reduce human error, optimize inventory management and guarantee better traceability and compliance with safety standards.

  • When choosing between UHF and NFC RFID technology for the identification and traceability of your PPE, it's important to consider the specific features of each technology. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wireless identification system that uses radio waves to transfer data between a tag and a Reader.

    UHF RFID makes it easy to identify personal protective equipment, and is ideal for rapid inventories thanks to its multiple scan capability. PPE mobilization and demobilization are also very fast with a Reader UHF, ensuring efficiency gains in all tasks. Equipment inventories can be completed in a matter of seconds.

    NFC (Near Field Communication) is another wireless communication technology that enables data to be exchanged between two devices over short distances. It enables operators to check that the equipment they are about to use has been certified and verified. However, the scanning operation is longer and less intuitive with NFC, and this technology is not suitable for inventory taking.

  • To tag your PPE with RFID technology, you need to associate a unique number with each piece of equipment, stored in the memory of an RFID chip. 

    This chip is contained in an RFID tag or label attached to the PPE. Several attachment methods are available, such as glue, clips, heat-shrink tubing or adhesive. 

    It's essential to choose an RFID identifier adapted to the environmental constraints to which the PPE will be exposed. This ensures reliable, long-lasting identification and traceability.

  • Deploying the digitalization of your business. 

    RFID technology revolutionizes PPE management by digitizing all associated data. 

    This method offers reliable, high-performance monitoring, with instant access to information on stock levels, PPE use and checks to be carried out. 

    RFID chips are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of PPE, guaranteeing long-lasting, robust traceability.

  • To guarantee the security and confidentiality of PPE RFID data, it is essential to take appropriate protective measures. First of all, the RFID chip contains only a unique identifier, similar to a barcode, without any personal information. What's more, it is possible to add a password or encrypt the data to reinforce protection against confidentiality breaches and security attacks.

  • RFID helps ensure better PPE regulatory compliance. Digitizing and centralizing information on maintenance and inspection operations in a database. 

    This system facilitates inspection management thanks to a warning system. It prevents the mobilization of uninspected PPE before it has passed the required periodic inspection. 

    The complete history of operations carried out on PPE is easily accessible at the click of a button. For optimum traceability and enhanced compliance.

  • The advantages of the RFID solution for PPE inventory are numerous:

    • Time-saving: thanks to Reader UHF RFID, rapid identification of the contents of a PPE kit or cupboard in a matter of seconds.
    • Real-time visibility With this system, companies can keep precise, up-to-date track of their inventories.
      • Availability of personal protective equipment: instant monitoring of available equipment.
    • Types and quantities of materials mobilized: easier resource management.
    • List of PPE requiring periodic verification: maintaining regulatory compliance.
    • Anticipation of replenishments : better order and inventory management.
    • Optimal resource management: RFID optimizes PPE use and tracking.
    • Simplified stocktaking: RFID makes stocktaking much easier, less tedious and more accurate.
  • Thanks to RFID technology,periodic checks and inspectionsof PPE are reliably and accurately recorded in a database. As a result, the history of operations carried out on each PPE item is accessible at a glance, reducing the risk of error. By guaranteeing rigorous tracking of PPE, RFID enhances the protection of the workers who wear or use them, ensuring their day-to-day safety.

  • Choosing the right RFID tag for your PPE depends on a number of criteria, such as shape, size and fastening method. At AXEM Technology, we have worked with industry experts to select tags specifically designed for each type of PPE. Don't hesitate to contact us for personalized advice on choosing the most appropriate RFID tagging equipment for your equipment.

  • AXEM Technology is your ally for the successful implementation of RFID technology in your PPE management. Our expertise covers :

    • RFID hardware validated for PPE environments 
    • Software solutions for PPE management thanks to close partnerships with industry experts 

    We can help you with :

    • Installing and configuring your RFID hardware 
    • Integrate RFID into your existing IT systems 
    • Train your team to fully master the equipment 

    Trust AXEM Technology for high-quality RFID solutions that improve efficiency, traceability of personal protective equipment and productivity. Contact our RFID experts experts and we'll put you in touch with your nearest partner.

Ready to transform your company's PPE management?


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