Digitisation of data collection and analysis

At the heart of the smart and interconnected gas and electricity grids project, RFID is contributing to the revolution in the collection, transmission and exploitation of energy network data. More generally, the technology contributes to the modernisation and maintenance of gas and electricity networks and has many advantages:

  • Optimize the identification of materials, equipment and people
  • Secure sites and networks
  • Manage on-site logistics
  • Optimize networks mapping

Example applications

  • Identify materials and equipment: transformers, slings, fire extinguishers, containers…
  • Ensure the tracking of tools
  • Manage PPE: masks, harnesses, helmets…
  • Control equipment: compliance with standards, maintenance…
  • Optimize stock management: inventory, search for equipment, flow management…

Key features

  • RFID identifiers
    ◊ Compatibility with metal, plastic, wood…
    ◊ Various types of fixing: cable tie, adhesive, rivet…
    ◊ Resistance for several years outdoors (rain, dust, chemicals, UV)
  • Compact, robust and high-performance RFID scanners, Bluetooth or wired communication, long autonomy

They already trust us


Our products

Protect + fort AX’Label

  • Label with soft protective layer Protect +
  • Ultra-reinforced adhesive
  • Curved surface compatibility
  • Aeronautical heritage
  • Resistance for several years
  • Customisation of labels by the customer with a TOSHIBA printer
Identification of transformers

AX’Tag Explorer L dual

  • Dual technology UHF and HF/NFC
  • Inventory with UHF reader, inspection with all smartphones
  • Long reading distance
  • Reliability and resistance to outdoor conditions (rain, dust and chemicals, UV)
  • Metal compatibility

AX’Tag Memento M UHF

  • Different fixing methods: adhesive, bolting, etc.
  • Long reading distance: 3m
  • Extended user memory: 64KB or 2KB
  • Reliability and resistance to outdoor conditions (rain, dust and chemicals, UV)
Maintenance of gas meters
Inspection of fire extinguishers

RFID Scanners

  • Wired, dongle or Bluetooth communication
  • Rugged, compact and lightweight devices compatible with Windows, Android, iOS
  • 1D/2D scanner option
  • Guarantees adapted to the customer’s environment: broken button, exchange or repair of products within 24 hours…

AXEM Technology, RFID expert

  • Manufacturing of hardware RFID solutions
    ◊ Standard and complete range of industrial RFID
    ◊ Custom products for demanding requirements

AXEM Lab, innovation center

  • Equipment at the cutting edge of RFID technology
  • Product design with Intellectual Property
  • Feasibility studies according to customers’ requirements
  • Manufacturing of customized products
AXEM Lab_1580 x 550
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