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AXEM Technology has been a major player in the fields of RFID, NFC and Mobility for almost 15 years, through its design, production and distribution of a full range of RFID and NFC products (cards, tags, readers….) as well as rugged mobile terminals (PDA, Tablets, Smartphones…), with an emphasis on quality and services.

Its core business, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), is a technology used for electronic identification, traceability but also for connected devices.

With its experience and expertise in RFID and Mobility, AXEM Technology benefits from a large degree of flexibility in order to accompany and support its customers in their choice of equipment for all their projects.
Because the service is as important as the products, AXEM Technology employees are experts in the field of RFID, not only being both capable of taking a global view of an issue, but also of responding to detailed queries relating to a product or an application.  AXEM Technology is also an authorised maintenance center.

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AXEM Technology on « Forum Entreprises Défense » (FED) exhibition.


Come and meet AXEM Technology on October 18th and 19th 2017, at « Forum Entreprises Défense » (FED) in Versailles Satory at booth G3. « Forum Entreprises Défense », an unavoidable place for the military maintenance actors. The “Forum Entreprises Défense” is the unavoidable French event gathering defense buyers and their suppliers invested in the maintaining of terrestrial equipment […]

AX-20 smartphone

AX-20 smartphone

10 first hand
2 second hand

Under an ultra-rugged shape, the AX-20 smartphone running with Android 5.1. Operating system, is equipped with NFC feature and has a double SIM card port. This smartphone offers a lot of communication functionalities. In fact, either by 4G/LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth or event by NFC (Near Field Communication), you stay mobile and efficient. Very rugged, the […]

AX-19 smartphone

AX-19 smartphone

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AX-19 is a rugged smartphone with a 5 inches High definition display running with Android 4.4. Operating system. Powerful and ultra-rugged, it is the perfect tool for field workers. Equipped with Quad Core MSM8916 1,2GHz processor, this smartphone allow to to access a lot of specifications and applications fluidly. Very resistant, the AX-19 is compliant […]