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AXEM Technology has been a major player in the fields of RFID, NFC and Mobility for almost 15 years, through its design, production and distribution of a full range of RFID and NFC products (cards, tags, readers….) as well as rugged mobile terminals (PDA, Tablets, Smartphones…), with an emphasis on quality and services.

Its core business, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), is a technology used for electronic identification, traceability but also for connected devices.

With its experience and expertise in RFID and Mobility, AXEM Technology benefits from a large degree of flexibility in order to accompany and support its customers in their choice of equipment for all their projects.
Because the service is as important as the products, AXEM Technology employees are experts in the field of RFID, not only being both capable of taking a global view of an issue, but also of responding to detailed queries relating to a product or an application.  AXEM Technology is also an authorised maintenance center.

Latest publications

Orlando train tickets, a French success story

Ticket tag RFID

A transport ticket that refuses to get validated: a very sensitive subject which can make easily derail the customer satisfaction. When the rail line company in charge of the commuter trains in the Orlando area found out that a large number of validations were problematic, it looked for a new supplier to create more reliable […]

SMITT – Simplicity and efficiency thanks to RFID

SUMITT RIFD technology

But tomorrow, thanks to RFID technology, simplicity and efficiency will be the key words Nowadays, item management is considered tedious and long. But how can we improve it? Thanks to RFID technology. RFID is at the forefront of innovation in different business sectors. In this short video, SIMMT presents the different advantages that RFID brings […]

Updates on RED 4 and RED 5 UHF modules

RED module OEM

Both RED 4 and RED 5 OEM UHF RFID modules are evolving. Discover all updates in this notification. RED 4 is replaced by RED 4S 1) Backward compatible with RED 4 Indeed, both size and footprint of RED 4S are identical to RED 4. Plus, Pins are also the same than RED 4 except for […]