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Our innovation center

" Innovation is at the heart ofAXEM Technology 's project andAXEM Lab represents this perfectly. It is unique in its specificity: it is not only useful in operational management but above all decisive in creating the tags of the future. It is important for today's efficiency and tomorrow's growth."

Philippe MONDON

CEO and founder of AXEM Technology

" Macroscopic vision of the various subjects, taking a step back and coordination between the various actors involved in the project (sales representatives, engineers, technicians, suppliers, customers, etc.) are the watchwords of the R&D department. Here, everyone works in a common interest. The employees are passionate and work for the same objectives as those of the company!


Project Manager


Innovation for accelerated growth

  • Collaboration between AXEM Lab and research laboratories
  • A global expertise on tags including RFID chips, materials, fastening processes, norms and standards including ATA Spec 2000...

R&D at AXEM Technology

  • Team of experts: engineers/doctors in RF, electronics...
  • Filing and exploitation of several patents
  • Collaboration between AXEM Lab and research laboratories


Unique and efficient technical means

We design, manufacture and measure unique products for specific projects in order to meet our customers' expectations and the most demanding requirements.

Our ability innovate is due to the state-of-the-art resources and tools available at AXEM Lab.


Simulation tools

  • CST Microwave Studio software
  • EM 3D simulation software - CST MWS

Prototyping tools

  • Chip transfer machine
IMG 5893

Prototyping tools

  • Binocular magnifier

Validation tools

  • Vector Network Analyzers
  • PRO Tagformance
  • Anechoic chamber


Our achievements

Our RFID engineers are able toadapt existing products from our standard range and create custom products (tags, labels, software, OEM, readers, etc.).

Depending on your application, we will develop the ideal product together!

Let's design your custom product
AX'Tag Custom Bitumen
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