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AXEM Technology takes full responsibility for addressing major societal issues. We develop a social responsibility policy based on strong principles : trust, commitment, support and responsibility.

Our commitments

Our social responsibility policy

A social approach in favor of inclusion

AXEM Technology is mobilized in favor of several themes around civil society. This commitment is illustrated, for example, by the signing of the National Commitment Charter in November 2019 for the implementation of measures in favor of inclusion and professional integration. Indeed, joining the Val-de-Marne Club of Inclusive Companies allows AXEM Technology to support and employ young people from integration pathways and political districts of the city.

  • Cooperate with local “Second Chance School”
  • Collaborate with the Val-de-Marne ESAT (Centers helping disable people through work)
  • Provide access to the various services of the company to trainees and working students

Common values to all the employees

By putting people at the heart of its concerns, AXEM Technology gathers its employees around values such as equality, diversity, gender parity and sustainable development, contributing then to the development of a real corporate culture. Within AXEM Technology, diversity is considered as a strength. Its will is to offer an inclusive and diversified work environment where well-being is guaranteed for all in order to progress. This is why concrete actions ensuring equal opportunities are daily taken.

  • Employ 90% of employees on full-time and permanent contracts
  • Respect of the male / female parity
  • Promote the equality and non-discrimination
  • Establish profit-sharing agreements
  • Conduct an annual evaluation interview for each employee
  • Gather the employees around a dinner at the end of the year and various convivial and federating actions
  • Creation and animation of our "employer" brand

A Management committed to its employees and customers

AXEM Technology is committed to establish a responsible governance ensuring the respect of ethical principles, a fair operation and the anchoring of CSR in the company’s strategy. The governance mobilizes all the stakeholders, especially its customers, employees and shareholders, around a common project. Its strategic orientations are in line with its long-term vision, take into account the ecosystem and guarantee the company’s sustainability.

  • Reinvest a part of net income in the company
  • Attend regular training sessions to increase our skills
  • Management of our products quality and complaints
  • Ensure a procedure of business resumption in case of force majeure

Sustainable actions in favor of the environment

AXEM Technology takes into account the current environmental challenges by implementing committed measures. The objective is to anticipate and limit our environmental impact by encouraging all employees to take sustainable actions.

  • Promote sea freight, which generates 13 times less polluting emissions than air freight and road transport
  • Finance the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment sold on the market in compliance with the WEEE Directive
  • Use green cleaning products
  • Buy 90% “green” paper
  • Have more than 30% of suppliers with a “green” characteristic
  • Develop products with an eco-responsible design
  • Use organic products for car washing by an external company
  • Replace the thermal car fleet with hybrid and soon electric vehicles


The human being at the centre of our concerns


« Diversity has existed since the creation of AXEM Technology and it is now a real corporate culture that our CEO wishes to transmit to all the employees. It is structured around 4 main principles : gender equality, diversity, equal pay and work/life balance »


Director of Human Resources & Administration


« AXEM Technology recruits more and more men and women who want to live a human and professional adventure »

Philippe MONDON




The commitments of AXEM Technology enabled the company to obtain three awards in the CSR context:

  • The silver medal by EcoVadis in 2022
  • The International Prize Jacques CRESSON in 2021
  • The “Companies of Tomorrow” Diploma in 2018
  • The “CSR Entrepreneur” Gold Trophy in 2017
  • The “Youths in Businesses” Trophy in 2016


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