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 Manufacturer and expert

RFID technology, radio frequency identification, enables data acquisition. With the rise of the Iot, data capture is increasingly valued. Thus, as a manufacturer and RFID expert, we are involved in the digital transformation of identification systems with all the issues that are particularly tracking, security and productivity of captured and exploited information.


As a member of national and international organizations, with proven experience and above all a unique expertise in our field, we meet the material needs of industrial sectors.

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"Let's imagine the tomorrow's RFID, let's make it real, together."

Innovation for accelerated growth

Our transformation accelerated in 2018. This new dimension was illustrated by the creation of an innovation center, theAXEM Lab within which our engineers and PhDs are mobilized to make the RFID of the future a reality.


Technological innovation is at the heart of our business:

  • Deposit and exploitation of patents
  • Collaboration between AXEM Lab and research laboratories
  • A global expertise on tags including RFID chips, materials, fixing processes, norms and standards...
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Our philosophy

Your RFID project is unique: we support you in the supply of the best equipment.

Our vision

We design tomorrow's RFID identifiers and readers for and with our customers.

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Our values

Values shared by our employees

At AXEM Technology, the core values ​​are shared by all employees. They reflect the culture of our company and take all their importance during strategic moments. They show our desire to challenge the impossible by undertaking new challenges every day.



We have great flexibility to advise and support our customers in their choice of equipment. We support them in small- or large-scale projects, with products from our standard range or personalized / tailor-made products.


Respect / Caring

We respect all stakeholders in our ecosystem. As an essential pillar of our company, “Respect” also means control of production, quality and costs for our customers.



Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. For each project, we are committed to offering the most effective hardware solution to meet the needs while considering the related environment.

 "We believe that it is by applying these values in our day-to-day work that we have been able to become a key player in RFID and continue to grow our business."


Our management team


Philippe MONDON

CEO - President



Director of Human Resources & Administration


Arnaud CARLE

Technical & Operations Manager