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Our RFID solutions are tailor-made to optimize the performance and quality of your industrial processes and operations.

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We maximize the technical results of your RFID application so that you get the full benefits of RFID:

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  • Quick inventory
  • Productivity gains
  • Money saving

The steps of the creation of a custom product

Discover an example of the production of a custom-made product:

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01Environment and application analysis

  • RFID application context
  • Environment
  • Existing RFID system
  • Objectives set


  • Adaptation and/or creation of RFID chips and/or readers to the application and environment


  • Optimized technical results
  • 100% of the benefits of RFID

Examples of custom products

Tags -

AX'Label Platina UHF

Ultra thin and metal compatible labels to be applied on a very limited space.

AX'Label 30x15mm Printed
Related features
  • Encoding EPC
  • Encoding according to ATA Spec 2000, GS1 (GIAI, VDA...) standards
  • printing : EPC, Datamatrix, bar code, logo, QR Codes… Our AX’Label Platina are compatible with the BA410 printer.
  • Extended memory option
  • Identification of printed circuits and electronic boards

Tags -

Protect +

Protective film for your RFID tags.

AX'Label Platina Protect+
Related features
  • Label as robust as a hardened tag
  • Compatible with curved or flat surfaces
  • Aeronautical heritage
  • Outdoor resistance (rain, dust, chemicals, high pressure washing)
  • Identification of outdoor construction equipment and tools
  • Traceability of containers, RTI, automotive parts, metal cases, industrial components, laboratory equipment, etc.
  • Traceability of vehicles
  • Tracking of construction equipment and tools

Tags -

AX'Tag Explorer L dual

Tag Bi UHF and HF/NFC technology.

AX'Tag Explorer L Dual RFID UHF HF NFC Engraved
Related features
  • Bi UHF and HF/NFC technology
  • Inventory with a UHF reader up to 5m
  • Detection with an NFC-enabled smartphone
  • Long reading distance
  • Compatibility with metal surfaces
  • RTI management
  • Management of maritime transport
  • Logistics and warehouse automation