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Our values

Why join AXEM Technology ?


Opportunities for growth

Joining AXEM Technology, is to have the opportunity to evolve internationally, to meet partners from different horizons and cultures and to live at the rhythm of a world that is constantly moving...


We follow your skills development

At AXEM Technology, each position responds to a double desire: the development and the increase in skills of each employee.


A citizen's approach in favour of inclusion

Gender diversity at AXEM Technology is the commitment of managers; the awareness of employees; the recognition of the difference between the career cycles of men and women...

Well Being

Well-being at work is at the heart of our concerns

At AXEM Technology , working conditions are flexible and adaptable (flexible working hours, provision of a shower room to encourage employees to come by bike or to do sports at lunchtime, etc.).

Our policy CSR

Innovate to better support you

Within our company, we have an innovation center:AXEM Lab. This center is unique in France and our RFID Doctors carry out every day technological innovations.

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Our key figures

Numbers that are constantly changing

in 2022



Picto Percentage

A constantly evolving turnover



An average of 17 trainees and alternating students each year (including the third year discovery course)




An average of 6 employees hired on permanent contracts each year (as many men as women)


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Technical & Operational



Human Resources, Sales Management, Finance

General Administration
Human Resources
Customer Service


Marketing & communication

Product marketing



Customer relations
Product qualification
Project support

Our employees testify


"For a company, Customer Service is its showcase, the main contact for its customers and the pivotal service that guarantees the smooth running of other departments. I felt this requirement atAXEM Technology. This is why I joined them almost two years ago, with the objective of accompanying and participating in the company's growth.

Customer Service Manager

Photo Marie Correia

"My career at AXEM Technology is an illustration of our approach CSR and more particularly of 2 aspects of this commitment, equal opportunities and gender equality within the company. Indeed, despite an initial training far from the field, I am in charge of Human Resources and I am also a member of the Management Committee!"

Director of Human Resources & Administration and Happiness Manager ofAXEM Technology

MicrosoftTeams Image (31)

"I joined AXEM Technology in 2018 as a Marketing Product Manager. Since then, I have benefited from a great career opportunity and I am now Marketing & Communication Manager. Being in this department is the opportunity to work on very varied and exciting subjects: the organization of several events in the year, from the industry trade show to specialized RFID trade shows, the management of the website, the definition of the editorial line, the animation of social networks, press relations... Overall it is very rewarding to promote products at the forefront of technology and which facilitate traceability in all industrial sectors."

Cynthia LOUP
Marketing & Communication Manager


"As soon as I joined AXEM Technology, I was warmly welcomed into the team and received exemplary support.
Thanks to this solid work-study training, I was able to progress within the company, and today I'm proud to hold the position of sales engineer on a permanent contract. This career development has been made possible thanks to the trust thatAXEM Technology has placed in me and the opportunities I have been offered."

Abass-Ismael FOFANA
Technical Sales Engineer

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" AXEM Technology is a company with great ambitions. I joined this company in April 2020 to take on new challenges and contribute to the evolution of the After Sales Service. My integration went very well and my team is very motivated and dynamic! They have reboosted me by giving me confidence and the powers to carry out my missions independently."

After Sales Service Manager


"I sent an unsolicited application to AXEM Technology which was one of the first companies on my list. What attracted me was the R&D part of the company and theAXEM Lab , which has a lot of machines, especially measuring and simulation equipment. At AXEM Technology there is never a dull moment! There are a lot of very interesting projects that challenge me every day and motivate me a lot. Here, we help and complement each other.

Engineer RF Design Office


"As an engineer at AXEM Technology , I'm lucky enough to work alongside highly competent people, in an R&D team where there's a shared desire to push back the boundaries of technology and RFID. The company has given me the opportunity to complete several highly rewarding internships, and with the support of all my colleagues, I've been able to develop rapidly. Today, I'm proud to say that I feel fully fulfilled professionally at AXEM Technology. I really appreciate the culture of innovation and mutual support that permeates our working environment."

Electronics Development Engineer


"Working in the field of digital marketing has enabled me to see my career take an exciting turn. After a two-year work-study experience at AXEM Technology, I was hired for a permanent contract in a position with greater responsibilities."

Digital Marketing Assistant


"The first time I heard aboutAXEM Technology was in 2011. Back then, AXEM was already offering internships to students. I was hired several years later, in 2018, as a Junior Technical Product Manager. Today, I'm Technical Support Manager and I've acquired considerable knowledge of almost all RFID protocols. The working atmosphere is jovial, and everyone's technical skills are very varied, which makes for constructive exchanges with different types of knowledge. You learn something new every day at AXEM Technology, and that's very motivating!"

Support Manager

Andrea Salas

"As a woman, I'm proud to hold the position of Operations, Methods & Quality Manager. At AXEM Technology, I have found an inclusive and stimulating environment where my ideas are valued. Working with a talented team to continually improve our processes and guarantee the quality of our products is a source of pride."

Operations, Methods & Quality Manager


"I am constantly inspired by the dynamism and collaboration atAXEM Technology. Leading teams and carrying out end-to-end RFID traceability projects is a rewarding experience that stimulates my passion for innovation."

Project Manager