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Date: May 15, 2024

10 reasons to use RFID for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) identification and traceability

10 reasons to use RFID for identification and traceability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Helmets, high-visibility waterproof and fireproof jackets, harnesses, overalls, masks... Many items of PPE, especially for work at height, require regular and rigorous inspection and maintenance to guarantee their protective properties (against flames, dirt, etc.).

Date: November 28, 2023

How to choose an RFID tag?

Like the RFID reader, the tag is a fundamental element in an RFID solution. AXEM Technology proposes a wide range of LF, HF or UHF tags to meet all your identification and traceability requirements. They all have specific characteristics, because each project is unique, and the tag choice will have direct consequences on the reliability […]

Date: October 1, 2023

Neutripuro: Introducing RFID to improve the efficiency of industrial processes in a laundry

Neutripuro is a traditional laundry located in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. The company offers linen and workwear rental and cleaning services. Until now, linen identification, sorting and counting operations were carried out manually. In addition to the fact that many items of linen were lost each year, the [...]

Date: September 22, 2023

European Mobility Week: AXEM Technology takes action

European Mobility Week: AXEM Technology gets involved Contents: What is "Mobility Week"? The challenges of green mobility AXEM Technology supports its employees in adopting sustainable mobility Sustainable mobility has become a major issue in our society, with a direct impact on our [...].

Date: September 12, 2023

Association Notre-Dame: refurbishment of laundry integrating RFID for RABC compliance

Association Notre-Dame: refurbishment of laundry integrating RFID to comply with RABC method Since its creation in 1853, the mission of the Association Notre Dame has been to welcome and support the most vulnerable. Today, it serves 289 people suffering from cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities and [...].

Date: May 15, 2023

5 reasons to track workwear with UHF RFID

    5 reasons to track workwear with UHF RFID Laundries specializing in workwear maintenance and rental offer multiple types of uniforms for various sectors (industry, medical, catering, hotels, firefighters) and different uses. The washing program varies significantly from one textile to another. [...]

Date: May 2, 2023

Which RFID tag for industrial laundry?

Which RFID tag for the laundry? AXEM's advice! The gradual introduction of RFID technology has enabled the optimized identification and traceability of flat linen and work clothes throughout the washing cycle. This is made possible, on the one hand, thanks to an RFID tag fixed on the laundry [...]

RFID washing machines in an industrial laundry

Date: April 4, 2023

Optimization of industrial laundry flows thanks to RFID

Optimizing laundry flows is a crucial element to guarantee the quality of service offered to customers and to reduce operational costs. RFID technology, or radio frequency identification, is a powerful tool that allows real-time visualization of laundry flows.

Date: March 9, 2023

UHF tag vs NFC tag: what are the differences? What to choose ?

UHF tag vs NFC tag: what are the differences? What to choose ?