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Date : 7 December 2017

SIMMT – Simplicity and efficiency thanks to RFID

But tomorrow, thanks to RFID technology, simplicity and efficiency will be the key words Nowadays, item management is considered tedious and long. But how can we improve it? Thanks to RFID technology. RFID is at the forefront of innovation in different business sectors. In this short video, SIMMT presents the different advantages that RFID brings […]

Date : 28 November 2017

Updates on RED 4 and RED 5 UHF modules

Both RED 4 and RED 5 OEM UHF RFID modules are evolving. Discover all updates in this notification. RED 4 is replaced by RED 4S 1) Backward compatible with RED 4 Indeed, both size and footprint of RED 4S are identical to RED 4. Plus, Pins are also the same as RED 4 except for 5 of […]

Date : 11 July 2017

How to choose an RFID tag ?

Like the RFID reader, the tag is a fundamental element in an RFID solution. AXEM Technology proposes a wide range of LF, HF or UHF tags to meet all your identification and traceability requirements. They all have specific characteristics, because each project is unique, and the tag choice will have direct consequences on the reliability […]

Date : 14 November 2016

Rugged tablet with integrated UHF RFID reader: the future of identification is in the AT-07

AXEM Technology presents its AT-07: “all in one” Android tablet, which brings together a powerful UHF RFID reader and an ultra-rugged tablet to meet your identification and traceability requirements. You can read data written on the RFID tags of your products, and process in real time on your tablet. Integrated UHF RFID Reader: accuracy and time saving The […]