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The bicycle industry shifts 4.0 with BIN

September 20, 2022

In response to the growing bike market, Trebiada, in partnership with AXEM Technology, offers IoT solutions to optimize the identification and tracking of bikes.

The objective of the project is ambitious: to provide IoT solutions to the challenges faced by all the key stakeholders of this market with the Bicycle ID Number (BIN). This innovative solution will optimize production processes, ensure reliable tracking from the production of a bike to its end of life, facilitate inventories in warehouses and stores, provide financial benefits to all parties... 

Trebiada is developing a 4.0 Bicycle ID Number (BIN) based on NFC and RFID technologies. As RFID expert and manufacturer, AXEM Technology is a member of the development research team and manufacturer of the RFID tag.


Benefits for all stakeholders involved in the bike industry

There are many benefits to use BIN. To discover them visit their website:


Guaranteed success!

You want to know more about our 4.0 solutions for contactless bike identification? Please contact us:

Would you like to Know more about our 4.0 solutions for contactless bike identification? Please do not hesitate to contact Trebiada:


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