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Facilitating fleet management

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Example applications

  • Production: tracking of parts and components during the production process, intralogistics, inventory management, traceability of painted parts on production lines

  • Distributors / car dealers: inventory, real time tracking of vehicle entries and exits, vehicle maintenance management

Key caracteristics

  • UHF RFID tags for windshield mounting (interior or exterior)

  • High-temperature hardened tags for use in ovens, resistant to industrial processes

  • High performance UHF RFID readers for unitary vehicle identification or fleet inventory

  • Fixed UHF RFID system (readers and antennas) for the design of RFID gates for a reliable and accurate management of the entry and exit of vehicles in a fleet

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Our material solutions

RFID windshield labels

  • UHF label for windshield mounting (inside or outside)

  • Secure design option: the label cannot be removed without being damaged

  • Personalization: encoding, printing

High temperature RFID tags

  • Resistance to exposure to extreme industrial treatments: high temperatures (up to 300°C), flames, acids, alkalis and torsion, with unquestionable performance.

  • Fixing methods: screw, rivets or adhesive

Mobile RFID readers

  • Rugged mobile readers with a wide range of accessories for more mobility and security: cover, bumpers, strap, anti-strangulation strap...

  • Instant data transmission with 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS.

  • Guarantees adapted to devices exposed to harsh conditions: screen breakage, exchange or repair of products within 5 days (according to guarantee)...

Case studies

RFID automotive logistics by IZIFLO: management and traceability

Iziflo's RFID-based solution offers many benefits to multi-brand automotive distributors. In particular, itautomates and digitizes the business of car dealerships.

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