Smart RAIN RFID 4 port industrial reader

New product : AX'Smart Reader 4

September 1, 2022

AX'Smart Reader 4, new intelligent industrial Reader RAIN RFID 4 ports

AXEM Technology completes its range of industrial RFID equipment with the AX'Smart Reader 4, a Reader fixed UHF RFID with an operating system under Android 9.0.

This Reader has 4 antenna ports with a maximum power of 30 dBm.

Designed to facilitate industrial automation, it can be integrated in the following applications: RFID portal for logistics, reading points in production or for access control, stock management, asset tracking...

The AX'Smart Reader 4 is the optimal Reader for the installation of an easy, autonomous, efficient UHF RFID reading solution for a guaranteed return on investment of your global RFID identification system.


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Easy to implement and use

This Reader based on Android is easily configurable:

  • Software development is much easier than on Linux.
  • The Reader AX'Smart Reader 4 is ready to use: graphical interfaces and features such as internet connection, telephony, GPS, Wifi and access to the Google store are available by default without any development.
  • This intelligent Reader works in complete autonomy. It is not necessary to control it from a computer or a tablet.

In no time, your RFID reading system is in place.


Multiple connection options

The connection options are :

  • wired: PoE, PoE+, USB, HDMI, RS232, GPIO
  • wireless: WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G/LTE

Note that the AX'Smart Reader 4 offers the possibility of inserting a GSM card and thus operating the Reader in 4G. Thus, the Reader does not need to be connected to the company's computer network, a real time-saver. Installation and commissioning is quick and inexpensive.


Related products and accessories

The AX'Smart Reader 4 is sold with a power cable and a plug transformer, 1 4G antenna and 1 WIFI antenna.

AXEM Technology provides accessories and products related to the implementation of your RFID reading system: antennas, cables and mounting systems.

RFID UHF Antenna C6 1313

C6-1313 antenna

C9-2626 antenna

  • Antenna 130*130*18mm
  • Circular polarization
  • 6dBi gain
  • SMA-Female connector
  • Antenna 260*260*40mm
  • Circular polarization
  • 9dBi gain
  • N-Female connector

Cable antenna/Reader, TNC-male / SMA-male

  • D5mm, L3m
  • D7,5mm, L6m
  • D7,5mm, L10mm

Cable antenna/Reader, TNC-male / N-male

  • D5mm, L3m: CA1934
  • D7,5mm, L6m: CA1933
  • D7,5mm, L10mm: CA1932




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