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The thin, highly flexible laundry tags range with unchanged performance throughout the life cycle of your linen!

The AX’Lin Classic UHF is designed for laundry applications. This tag allows multiple and blind identification of clothing and linen. It can be easily inserted into a hem and is therefore almost unnoticeable.

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AX’Lin Classic

  • Resistance to 200 washing cycles, pressure of 56 bars and chemicals
  • Attachment: sewn on the textile or in a hem
  • Personalization: encoding, printing of S/N, Datamatrix and logo
Dimensions Applicable surface Memory Reading distance Temperature
70 x 15 x 1 mm On textile NXP Ucode7M / Ucode8 EPC 128bits, USER: 32bits, PASSWORD: 32bits, TID: 96bits Up to 10m (ERP=2W) -40°C to +120°C

Some applications :

Chariot Blanchisserie 530x360
AX'Lin Thermo Impression 530x350
Ironing Bedclothes With Professional Ironing Machine In The Laundry

Examples of applications :

  • Management of industrial washing (work clothes, PPE, personal clothes, flat linen, carpets, etc.) for hotels, restaurants, retirement homes, etc.