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  • UHF
  • HF (&NFC)
  • NFC

The AX’Label Classic are thin and printable RFID labels. They are particularly appropriate for the tracking of non-metallic materials and equipment.

  • RF standards: EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO 18000-63, ISO14443A et ISO15693EPC
  • Multiple sizes and delivery formats: reel, unit, plank or die cut.
  • Compatibility with plastic, wood and cardboard surfaces
  • Optional extended user memory
  • Personalization: encoding, printing, type of adhesive…


For use in extremely harsh environments (high pressure washing, dust, abrasion and UV), reinforce your AX’Label Classic with the Protect + protective film.

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AX'Label Classic UHF 97x25

AX’Label Classic UHF

  • Encoding EPC
  • Encoding according to standards ATA Spec 2000, GIAI, VDA
  • Impression : code EPC, Datamatrix, bar code, logo, QR Codes…
  • Extended memory option
Dimensions Applicable surface Memory Reading distance Temperature
102×39mm, 97×25mm, 73×18mm, 30×13mm, 19×13mm On metal Depends on the chip Depends on the chip and the antenna -

AX’Label Classic HF/NFC

  • UID encoding
  • Encoding according to ISEGA standard
  • Impression : Datamatrix, barcodes, logo, QR Codes…
Dimensions Applicable surface Memory Reading distance Temperature
Ø 25, Ø 30, Ø 40, Ø 45, Ø 50, 18x18mm, 25x25mm, 30x15mm, 30x30mm; 40x25mm, 42x25mm, 45x45mm, 50x50mm, 56x13mm, 56x18mm, other dimensions on request Non metal Depends on the chip Depends on the chip and the antenna -20°C to +60°C

Some applications :

AX'Label HF NFC Datamatrix Box RTI
AX'Label UHF Box Btp

Examples of applications :

  • Identification of contents (wooden/plastic pallets, shuttle boxes, etc.) and placement (shelving, etc.)
  • Tracking of transport trolleys on production lines, in laundries, hospitals, etc...
  • Construction equipment identification and tracking (tools, scaffolding, crane components, consumables, etc.)
  • Identification of military and aeronautical equipment (ATA Spec 2000)
  • Identification of railway equipment
  • Identification of sampling for mining
  • PPE identification
  • Manufacturing logistics
  • Tool identification
  • Identification of medical equipment: instruments, blood bags, laboratory samples...
  • Furniture and office identification
  • Traceability and control of metrology and laboratory equipment
  • Traceability of rental equipment