The laundry tags range designed to identify linen exposed to the most extreme washing conditions.

The AX’Lin Gamma enables volume and blind identification of garments and linen, management of industrial washing and follow-up of the sterilization process.

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AX'Lin Gamma V2 UHF Laundry

AX’Lin Gamma V2

  • Resistance to 200 washing cycles, pressure of 56 bars, chemicals and Gamma rays
  • Attachment: sewn on the textile or in a hem
  • Personalization: encoding, printing of S/N, Datamatrix and logo
Dimensions Applicable surface Memory Reading distance Temperature
70(L) x 20(W) x 0,6(H) mm Textile MB97R8050 EPC: 160 bits, RESERVED: 64 bits, System: 16 bits, TID: 176 bits -20°C à +85°C

Some applications :

AX'Lin Clean Room

Examples of applications :

  • Industrial washing management of work clothes and flat linen for hospitals and clean rooms.