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  • HF (&NFC)

AX’Label Platina Outdoor combines reading performance on metal and resistance to permanent exposure in an outdoor environment. Initially designed for the demanding construction sector, these RFID labels are resistant to rain, dust, chemicals and high pressure washing.

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AXLabel Platina Outdoor HF NFC BTP 3

AX'Label Platina Outdoor

  • RF standard: ISO14443A
  • Reinforced adhesive compatible with curved and flat metal surfaces
  • 3 standard sizes, custom size on request
  • Printing resistant to UV
Dimensions Applicable surface Memory Reading distance Temperature
Label: 18x18mm, film: 32x32mm, Label: 25x25mm, film: 55x55mm, Label: 55x55mm, film: 80x80mm Metal NTAG213 | User memory: 144 bytes According to the label -

Some applications:

Examples of applications:

  • Identification of construction materials and tools
  • Traceability of consumables used in construction
  • Inventory in warehouses, stock control and delivery tracking