Mobility Week: Let's fight together to protect our environment

April 9, 2021

What is "Mobility Week"?

From Wednesday 16 to Tuesday 22 September, the "Mobility Week" takes place throughout Europe. This week will be dedicated to an important theme: the environmentally friendly way of travelling.
During this event several governmental and associative actions will aim to encourage us to move with more ecological modes of transport.

The commitment of AXEM Technology

AXEM Technology encourages all its employees to take sustainable actions and in particular to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport. Indeed, there are many means of transport that leave a lower carbon footprint than the car to get work : bus, train, bike, walking, carpooling… All you have to do is to adapt your travel mode to your journeys! At AXEM Technology, employees who can do so cycle to work regularly.  And to encourage this type of travel, the company provides them a shower room, allowing them to start their day in the best possible conditions!

Actions at AXEM Technology

In fact, for several years now, AXEM Technology has been implementing internal CSR measures to enable its employees to work in an eco-responsible environment. As such, the  Board  hasdecided to gradually replace its entire fleet of thermal vehicles with hybrid vehicles, with the aim of reducing environmental impacts. For more information about our various CSR initiatives and to understand how AXEM Technology is working’ to make a difference, go here!